Giving Change

This script can be added to the blue Toolbar and will be available or Search Builder results, an Organization, or a Tag. If you run it from Special Content, the report will look at the last Search Builder results and runs the script for those individuals.

It compares two periods of time. The default is a 365-day period.

  • The first period will be starting at 365 * 2 or 730 days ago through 365 days ago.

  • The second period will be starting 365 days ago through today.

The recommended name is GivingChange

Use the code below to create the SQL Script.

See How to create a SQL Script.

The top declaration statements are where you can set/change the parameters for the report. Currently, the report is set for the minimum change percent to be 30%, the minimum dollar amount is set at $500, and the period is set as 365 days. Of course, you can set other Conditions in Search Builder when you run the report from the Toolbar there.

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We highly recommend that you use a range of at least 365 days. Looking at a smaller range, you will find people whose giving has decreased, for example, because they give only once a year or quarterly.

DECLARE @MinumumPctChange NUMERIC = 30;
DECLARE @MinimumTotal NUMERIC = 500;
DECLARE @PeriodDays INT = 365;

FROM    GivingChange(@PeriodDays) gc
        JOIN dbo.People p ON p.PeopleId = gc.PeopleId
WHERE   gc.TotalPeriod1 + gc.TotalPeriod2 >= @MinimumTotal
        AND ABS(gc.PctChange) > @MinumumPctChange
ORDER BY gc.PctChange
       ,( gc.TotalPeriod2 - gc.TotalPeriod1 );

Sample Report

Notice in the sample report that some have Stopped giving, others have Increased or Decreased and the percent of change, and still others have Started giving.

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