Email Footers

In this help article, we make some recommendations about what to include in your email footers. Incorporate these recommendations into your templates, so that your users already have them in place when they send out emails.

Include Your Church Name and Physical Mailing Address

It is also an FCC regulations for emails that the business (or, in this case, the church) name and physical mailing address is included in the email. The footer is an excellent place to include this. Below is an example:

You are subscribed to MyChurch News & Updates.
Click here to manage your subscriptions or unsubscribe from this email newsletter.
MyChurch | 500 Main Street | Mytown, TX 75248

The first line explains why the recipients is receiving these emails. If the recipient has not subscribed, provide the reason you are emailing: For example, “You are receiving this email because you are a member of …”

The second line provides the link to unsubscribe. In this example, method 1 is being used.

The final line meets the FCC regulation requiring the inclusion of the church name and physical address.

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