Parent/Child Involvements - Emailing

TouchPoint offers a couple of options on the Blue Toolbar that relate specifically to Parent / Child Involvements. You must be viewing the Parent Involvement in order to have these options display on the Toolbar.

From the Toolbar, you can select Email:

Leaders under this Involvement

This option will include all leaders in the Parent Org itself as well as leaders in any of the the Child Involvements associated with that Parent Involvement.

Members under this Involvement

This option includes everyone who is enrolled in either the Parent Involvement or in any of the Child Involvements under that Parent Involvement. This includes both members and leaders.


Remember, these options display only when you are viewing a Parent Involvement.

Email Leaders and/or Members Under Parent Involvement

Step 1

Go to the Parent Involvement.

Step 2

Select the envelope icon on the Blue Toolbar and then select one of these options:

Email > Leaders under this Involvement or Email > Members under this Involvement.

Step 3

Then compose your email as normal.

Using Search Builder to Email Parent/Child Involvement Members and/or Leaders

These options use a Search Builder condition behind the scenes to find those to email, which means that you can also find the leaders or members under a Parent Involvement by using one of these Search Builder Conditions.


Emailing from Search Builder will give you the same group of people you would email by using the toolbar options mentioned above. The only reason you might prefer to use Search Builder would be if you wanted to run a export or report, or if you wanted to add other Conditions.


If you choose the Search Builder option, you must be viewing the Parent Involvement when you select New Search. It uses a condition that looks at the Current Involvement, which would be the last Involvement you were viewing.

Step 1

Go to the Parent Involvement.

Step 2

Select New Search from the Search box in the header.

Step 3

Select the category Current Involvement and then select either Leaders under current Involvement or Members under current Involvement.

Then click Save and run the search.

Step 5

Add any other Conditions if needed and then select from the Toolbar Email > Individuals. Or you can select an export or report or some other option from the Toolbar.

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