Public Emails

Public Email

A Public Email is an email that you can basically turn into a web page. Then you can post a link to it on Facebook, Twitter or another public place. This is a great way to advertise an event (complete with a public link to register), or to make a newsletter available to more than just your targeted audience.

Many people will see your post sooner on Facebook or Twitter than they will in their email inbox! Once your friends see it, they can grab the link and post it again themselves. Obviously, this will give you much greater coverage than your original email.


If you are advertising an online registration, do not include Vote Links, Register Links, RSVP Links or Send Links in emails that you will make public. Instead, use the URL that you would post on your website. Also, do not use email replacement codes that would be specific to one recipient, such as {first}, {name}, or any other information relating to that person or to their enrollment.

Make Public Before Sending

Create your email and check the box Publicly viewable?. This is under the Subject.

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Find the Link and Post It

Step 1

When you receive your notification email, click the link in the body of the email. The link will say how many emails were sent.

This takes you to the Manage Emails page, which displays details about your email.

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You can also go to your people record and select the tab Emails > Sent and click the subject of the email to access the Email Details page. Then you can proceed with Step 2.

Step 2

Select Actions > View Email.

Copy the URL and post it on your Facebook page, on Twitter, or in a blog post.

Make Public and Post After Sending

If you forget to check the box to make your email public before you send it, don’t worry. You can still make it public and post the URL.

Step 1
Go to your record (that is, person who sent the email) and select the Emails > Sent tab.
Step 2
Click the Subject of the email you want to make public, so that you get to the Details page.
Step 3

Select Actions > Make Public. This will take you to the public page for your email.

Copy the URL and post it on your Facebook page, Twitter account, or in a blog post.

Make a Public Email Private

If you make a mistake and you no longer want the email to be public, you can change that after you’ve sent the email.

Follow Steps 1 & 2 above (making an email public after sending it). In Step 3, instead of selecting Make Public. select Actions > Make Private.