Sent Email Notice

Every time you send an email through TouchPoint using the blue Toolbar you will receive a Sent Email Notice. In the body of that email will be a link showing the number of emails sent.

How to Use this Notice

Not only does this email let you know that your email was sent and how many were sent, but the number of emails is a link to the Email Details page.

This page has a lot of information about your email. Also, each name in the list of recipients that is displayed is actually a link to the list of all emails that person has received from you.

Take a look at the article about Email Details so you will understand all that is available on that page.

See also

Email Details

You can also track your sent emails by looking on your people record (that is, the record of the person sending the emails), clicking on the Emails > Sent tab. There is also an Emails > Received tab as well.