Fee Settings Tab

Below are the optional settings on Settings > Fees tab of an Involvement. These all relate exclusively to Involvements that will be used for online registration.

The Settings tabs for Fee, Questions, Messages will not display unless you have a Registration Type (other than the default) selected on the Registration tab.


In every case in which you enter an amount, do NOT use a dollar sign. Just enter the amounts as 50, or 175, for example.

Basic Setup


Enter the dollar amount of the base fee. You can charge fees solely based on options that are selected, without putting a fee in this setting.

Deposit Amount

You can use the deposit option only if you have a fee on the Fees tab. The exception to this is if you use the Family Deposit Extra Value. See the Tip below re this. Entering an amount in this field allows the registrant the option to either pay in full or pay a deposit. If you allow for paying a deposit, you must add the {paylink} email replacement code in the confirmation, so the registrant has a link to return and make subsequent payments.

This is the text that will replace the paylink code in a confirmation:

Click this link to make a payment and view your balance.

When you allow a deposit, the registrant can make as many additional payments as they want until paid in full. They will be presented with the full payment in a text box and they can change that to whatever they want as a payment. It is like an installment payment.


If you change the base fee on the Involvement after a person has paid a deposit, his fee will continue to display as the original fee. However, you can go to his Member Dialog, click Transaction > Make Fee Adjustment and make the change there. That will adjust his Balance Due.


Waive or Lower Deposit Amount

You can waive or lower the amount of the Deposit for an individual by having your System Admin create a special Deposit Ad Hoc Extra Value on the person’s record. That person will still be required to pay the full amount of the fee and he will still be able to make subsequent payments using the {paylink} in the confirmation email. He will just not have to pay the full deposit at the time he registers.

Family Deposit

If you want entire families to register and pay the same deposit per family (perhaps just to hold their place) you can use a special Family Extra Value to do that. In this use case, the other fees can be calculated based on age or other options, or the fee can be on the Fee Tab as the total per person, if it is the same for everyone. When using this Extra Value, the registrant will not have an option to pay either the Deposit or the Full Amount. The amount for him to pay will be only the amount of the Family Deposit Extra Value. Be sure to include a paylink in the confirmation and the Details replacement code so the registrant will see the total amount due.

Maximum Fee

Enter a dollar amount if you want to set a maximum amount that will be paid during that registration for all registrants registering at the same time. This is a good way to allow for a family maximum.


All family members must register during the same registration in order for the maximum to apply.

Extra Fee

This must be used in conjunction with the Last Day Before Extra date. Enter an amount to be added to the regular fee for those registering after the Last Day Before Extra date.


Only enter the additional fee to be added to the base fee. Do not enter the total amount the fee will be after the late date.


Extra Fee does NOT apply when using Tickets. In those cases, just change the amount after a specific date.

Last Day Before Extra

See Extra Fee above. Click the calendar icon and select the date which is the last day someone can register before the late fee is added.


The date/time is from your local time zone, as entered in the Administrative Settings.

Extra Value Fee Name

Not in use yet.

Accounting Code

This is a reference for your general ledger account where the fees from this registration will be entered. This displays on the Totals by Description report accessed on the Transactions page. Options in dropdown can be added in Lookup Codes under Contributions > Account Codes. Codes will display in Alpha order based on the Description. Account Codes can’t be Deleted, only Merged & Deleted to avoid losing data.


If you are using a Master Involvement (for User Selects or Compute by Birthday), the Accounting Code that will display will be the one on the Master Involvement, not the PickList Involvements.

See also

Transactions Log


If you want to ensure that all registrations with fees have an Account Code specified, you can enable the Require Account Code on Registrations Admin setting.

Merchant ID

If your church is using TransNational, you may decide to specify a different account per Registration, so you may enter the Merchant ID (that’s not the default) here.


Include other fees with deposit

When this is checked, the person registering and paying a deposit will be required to pay the additional fees at that time. These are fees such as shirt Fees, fees associated with checkbox or dropdown options or late fees.

Apply max to other fees

Click this box if you want the total fees charged to a family (registering at the same time) not to exceed the Maximum Fee regardless of any extra fees (for shirts or any fee associated with a checkbox, etc.). Leave the box unchecked to have those other fees added on top of the Maximum Fee.

Other fees added to Involvement fee

When this box is checked and you have a reduced fee for those enrolled in another Involvement (see Involvement Fees), the fee will be increased by the amount of the extra fees, if any. This includes Shirt Fees, Late Fees, and any fees associated with checkboxes or drop downs. If left unchecked, those in the Involvement will pay only the amount indicated for the Involvement Fee.

Involvement Fees

Add Involvement Fee

This option will give registrants a special fee if they are enrolled in a specified Involvement. Click the green Add Involvement Fee button, then enter the Involvement ID # and the amount of the Fee. You can add more than one Involvement Fee. The fees do not have to be the same for each one. See Other fees added to Involvement fee’ Additional above.


This is a way to give a discount for an event to any group of individuals. The only requirement is that they are enrolled in the Involvement you specify.

Donation Setup

Ask Donation

Check this box if you want to provide the opportunity for a registrant to make a tax-deductible donation at the time he pay his registration fee. A contribution record gets created for the registrant for the amount donated, not for the amount of the registration fee. See next two items relating to this.


You can ask for a Donation without first asking for Registration Fees IF you are not adding Terms to your registration. If you need to ask for a Donation WITHOUT Fees but WITH Terms, use a One Page Form registration instead. Also, do not use this with Mission Trip types of registrations.

Donation Fund ID

Enter the contribution Fund ID # for the donations made during the registration. See Ask Donation above. This ID# is also used to specify the Pledge Fund for Online Pledges.


If you check the Ask Donation box, but do not enter a Fund ID#, all donations will be applied to the Default Fund on your database.

Donation Label

Click Edit and enter the text to describe the purpose of the extra donation, if you have selected Ask Donation and have entered the Donation Fund ID. Editing this is just like editing the email confirmation. It is HTML and you can even include an image. After creating your message, click Save. Then click Save Changes before leaving for the Fees tab.

No Mission Trip General

If you don’t want the Supporters to provide support to the trip itself, thus only allowing them to provide financial support to the participants, check this box to prevent that.

Service Fees & Discount Codes

Show Discount Codes

Check this box to allow the use of discount codes for this registration. This will allow the registrant to enter and apply a discount code.

Charge Service Fee

Check this box to charge a service fee for processing the payment. This may be either a percentage of the registration total or a fixed fee per person or per ticket.

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