Family Deposit Extra Value

Family Deposit

This Extra Value can be added to an organization that you are using for online registration if you want to allow someone to register everyone in their family and pay one specified deposit for the whole family. This would be instead of a deposit per person.

When you add the FamilyDeposit Extra Value to the organization, you do not put a Deposit on the Fee Tab. The amount of the Deposit is in the Extra Value. You can either put the total fee per person on the Fee tab or you can have that calculated based on various options the registrant selects or based on the person’s age. Of course, the registrant must register the whole family at the same time in order to pay only one family deposit.

See also

Registration Settings Tab for instructions regarding fees based on age groups.


If you use the Family Deposit Extra Value, the registrant will only be presented with that amount on the payment page. There is no option to Pay In Full or just Pay Deposit Only. Paying the Extra Value amount is the only option. Make sure you include a paylink in the confirmation and also the details replacement code, so the registrant will see the amount due and will see the breakdown per person.

You might also want to make that clear in the Instructions, so the person registering knows exactly the amount he will pay at that time and that he does not have the option to pay the full amount until after he has already registered.

Putting something in the confirmation to let the person know when you expect the full amount to be paid in full will also be very helpful.

Add the Family Deposit to an Org

Step 1

Go to the organization Settings > Extra Values tab.

Step 2

Select the Show Ad Hoc Extra Values button, and then select the green Add Extra Value button.

Step 3

Select the type Integer, enter the name as FamilyDeposit, and then enter the amount you want for the deposit without using punctuation. Example: 100


Be sure to use the same casing as indicated with no spaces - just FamilyDeposit.

Now when someone registers for that organization, they can register their entire family and pay the deposit of $100, or whatever amount you set in the Extra Value. The total due for the family will be minus the amount of the Family Deposit.


The is a Deposit, so in order for it to work you must have some other fees in the registration - either on the Fee Tab or in the Registration Settings as fees for age groups.

Use Case - Family Camp

If you want families to register all of the family members, and have every family to pay the same deposit amount per family to reserve their spot, then use the FamilyDeposit Extra Value. You can put a fee per person on the organization, or have other fees based on options. You can also set a Maximum for the family on the Fee Tab. Just be sure to put a {paylink} in the email confirmation. Also, be sure to add Instructions so that the person registering knows he should register all of his family members that will be attending and that the amount he will see on the payment page will be just the Family Deposit amount.


TouchPoint has another type of Ad Hoc Extra Value relating to deposits. This one is on the person’s record and allows you to set a different deposit for just that one person for a specific registration.