Corrections / Reversals for Contributions

There are different ways to handle corrections, depending on whether the bundle is closed or open.

For returned checks (NSF), the process is a little different, so refer to the help article for Returned Checks.

See also

Returned Checks


If the bundle needing the correction is for scanned checks, see the help article below.


If you are adjusting a contribution made online and wish to credit some or all back to the giver, that credit will need to be initiated from the online transaction. For the process, see Credit Transaction.

If the Bundle Is Closed

Step 1
Go to the individual’s people record and select the Giving > Statements tab.
Step 2
Click the amount beside the correct year. This will open Contributions > Search filtered for that individual and for that year.
Step 3

Find the specific contribution and click the Reverse button, under the Actions column on the right of the page. This removes the contribution from the original bundle and from the donor’s record.


If the contribution was a check for multiple funds, be sure to Reverse all items.

Step 4

Now, create a new bundle for just that one contribution, using the same Contribution and Deposit Date as the original contribution, and enter the correct total for that new bundle.

Click Actions > Post Bundle / Edit and record the contribution to the correct person and fund, and then Close the Bundle.


You can also go to Administration > Contributions > Search, filter for the individual, the date range or check #, and then click on the name of a donor in the list. This will switch the view to contributions for only that donor. At that point, just proceed with Step 3 above.

Facts about Reversals

The original bundle will now be reduced by the amount of the reversal as will the total contributions for the individual. The original bundle should never need to be re-opened, so it is appropriate that the total for the Bundle Header no longer matches the Total Items.

Reversals do not display on a person’s Contribution Statement nor does the original contribution.

We do not recommend that you open a bundle that is already closed, just to make a correction. It is better protocol to use the above outlined process.

To view both the original contribution and the reversal
Go to Administration > Contributions > Search, filter using the original donor’s name, and select Reversed as the Status.

If the Bundle Is still Open

Step 1

Go to Administration > Contributions > Bundles, find the correct Bundle and click the Status, which will be Open

If you are already viewing the Bundle Header, just click Actions > PostBundle/Edit

Step 2
Click Actions > Edit beside the contribution that needs correcting, and then enter the correct People ID # or correct name, or select the correct fund, if that is what needs correcting. Tab to move to the other fields.
Step 3

Click Update beside the contribution to save the change.


If the contribution was a check for multiple funds, be sure to Edit all items, if the change is because of an incorrect donor.

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