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Roles Needed for Contributions


This is the only role required to view and work in Contributions, view results in Search Builder for conditions relating to contributions, run any reports under the Contributions menu, and print statements. The Edit role would also be helpful, so the person recording contributions can also make corrections to a person’s record.

Secondary Functions and Roles

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See Role Definitions for an alphabetical listing of all user roles

Assign this role to a user that just needs to access the Check Scan application. This role is not needed by those who already have the Finance or FinanceAdmin role and, in fact, will conflict with them.


This role will allow a user to view summary contribution reports, but not view contributions for an individual or view reports that give individuals’ giving. This user cannot enter contribution data nor access/edit Fund Management or Managed Giving. Do not assign this user the Finance role as that role will override this one.


This role is similar to the FinanceViewOnly role, but also grants access to view individual contributions on an individual’s record.

Admin and Finance

Only a user with these roles can assign another user the Finance role. Many churches prefer for their Admin not to have access to contributions. If that is the case and you need to assign Finance role to another user, submit a support request and the TouchPoint Support Team can assign the user the appropriate role.

Finance and FinanceAdmin

In order to open a closed batch, a user must have both of these roles. We recommend that the person handling the normal day by day activities not have the FinanceAdmin role and assign that person’s supervisor FinanceAdmin. That way, a second person is required to be involved when opening a closed batch to make any changes.


It is not necessary to re-open a closed batch to make corrections or to record a returned check.

Before you continue, you may want to review the list of terms that we use in TouchPoint relating to Contributions.

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