Mailed Envelope Sets

If your church uploads a file to an envelope service to have personalized envelopes mailed to your members, continue reading to learn how to create the necessary saved search and export the file(s).

You will create a search and save it to use each time you need to get a new list of those receiving envelopes.

After you run the search, you will then export the file to upload to your envelope service. The envelope service should be told to use the People ID# as the envelope number. It will be in Column G in the export you will select.

Once you have created the search and saved it, you just re-run it each time you need to upload a new file.

Envelopes - Joint and Individual

You can create 2 searches if you prefer, but you can also use the same search and just change one of the conditions from Joint to Individual so you will have 2 files to send to your envelope service.

This short video shows you step-by-step how to build and save the search and then where to find the correct export.

Follow the steps below to create and save the search as demonstrated in the above video.

Step 1

Create a new search for those receiving Joint Envelopes.

The top comparison should be Match > ALL.

Add the following condition: - Envelope Options Equal Joint (Contributions category)

Now click the green +Group button.

Add the following conditions:

Bad Address Flag Equals True
Resident Code Equals Unable to Locate
Address Equals (and leave the right side empty)
Do Not Mail Flag Equals True

Now change the top condition for the second group to Match > NONE. This will exclude anyone matching any of the four conditions in the second group.

Step 2

Click Run.


If Auto Refresh is checked the search will run after each change that you make.

Then click Save As and name the search Mailed Envelopes

Step 3

Select the file by going to the Toolbar > cloud > Export Excel > Mailing / Bulk (csv)

In the Choose Options dialog box, select Couples (both) or Couples (either) and select Titles, if desired.


The Couples (both) option requires that both spouses be in the search results in order to combine them (John and Mary Smith); otherwise, the one who is included will be addressed as an individual (Mary Smith).

Couples (either) will address everyone as a couple regardless of whether or not both are in the search results.

Click OK

Step 4

Save it as a Comma Separated Version (CSV) and then upload (or email) it to your envelope service provider.

Step 5

Using the same search, change the top condition from Joint to Individual and run the search again.

Step 6

Select the same export as in Step 3. However, in the Options dialog box select Individual. Continue with Step 4 above to save the file.

Envelopes for Children

If your church use different envelopes for children, you will need a separate Individual search for them.

  • Add this condition in the top section of the above search: Age Equal to or Less Than 12

  • Save as Child Envelopes, making sure the Envelope Option is set to Individual.

  • Run the search and Export as above for Individual Envelopes.

  • Recreate this same search, changing the Age condition to Greater Than 12.

  • Save as Individual Adult Envelopes, Run, Export as above for Individual Envelopes.