Getting Started

Beta to Release Version Process

Steps to Going Live

Step 1 - Kickoff

  • For new Churches/Not Currently on Version 2.0 we will schedule a kickoff call for all new partners after they are in the part of the data conversion process where they have a database with people records or they already have a database ready with that data.
  • For churches already on Version 2.0, TouchPoint will announce on the blog when the next release is ready for sign-ups and what is included in that release version. If your church is ready to upgrade then you’ll be invited to a group webinar over zoom to review the steps to upgrade.

Step 2 - Configure your app

Step 3 - Beta Review

  • Notify us that you’d like to go to beta after the above items have all been completed.
  • Provide a list of beta testers
  1. You can provide up to 5 users each for iOS and Android to be added as testers.

  2. When you are ready for your app to be submitted, please provide the email address used for these users


    The email address must be the email address used for their Apple ID for iOS or Google Play Account for Android.

  • Before getting your app in the queue, we will review your settings and configurations to ensure that everything is ready for you to go into beta.
  • After this review it takes roughly 5-10 business days for us to get your app built and approved by Apple and Google in order for you to test.
  • When the app is approved for beta testing each user will receive a link with instructions for how to download the app.

Step 4 - Approved for release

  • After you have had a chance to test your app and confirm all your configurations and settings are set to your liking you can notify us that you’re ready to go live with your app.
  • We will then make the final build and send the app over to the stores for their approval.
  • This process can take 5-10 business days to complete the process (depending on the store’s current workload).

What is included in version 3.0 of the mobile app?

  • Roughly every 4-8 weeks we will be releasing updates to the app. Any church that is already live on the app will automatically be notified of new features and then their app will automatically be updated. If you are waiting for specific features to be available before your church goes live watch the blog for updates on when new versions will be made available and how your church can sign up for that version.

What can be changed with a setting and what will require a new app version?

  • Our goal is making the app as configurable as possible with settings that can be adjusted without the need for a new version of the app to be submitted to Apple and Google for approval. There are certain items, like the app logo, name and description that require an app update.

Will our church incur additional expenses to make changes or updates to our app?

  • If the changes are changes that can be made by changing a setting you can make as many of these as you’d like, and the changes will be reflected immediately in our app.
  • If the changes require an update to be submitted to Apple and Google for approval, then this requires developer time and could incur additional charges. If these changes can wait until the next time we push a new update (in our regular release cycle) then we can often make the changes without any additional cost to you.

Finding/Downloading your Church’s App from the store

Logging In