TouchPoint Mobile App 3.0 Setup Checklist

These are the required items that must be configured before your app can be pushed to beta.


Ensure your church’s logos, colors and default background pages are set up in the mobile app settings under Admin > Communication > Mobile App > Settings.

  1. ❑ Configure all app listing settings in the app settings.

  2. ❑ Upload all logos in app settings.

  3. ❑ Set app colors in app settings.

  4. ❑ Configure default background pages (optionally setup specific background pages).

  5. ❑ Configure all your login settings.


Configure who can post, who can be followed, channels, prayer requests, and other feed items.

  1. ❑ Set who can be followed in app settings under Features > People > Follow People. This requires a status flag.

    See also

    Status Flags

  2. ❑ Set who can post in app settings Features > People > User Posts. This requires a status flag.

  3. ❑ Channels

    1. ❑ Create at least 3 - ideally these would be brand new Involvements with a new Involvement type that is set to not show in mobile in the Lookup Codes.

      See also

      Lookup Codes

    2. ❑ Make sure each Channel has as photo.

    3. ❑ Set one or more leaders for each Channel.

    See also

    1. ❑ Use the Process Builder (or manually add people) to ensure that some people are already following (added as members) the ministries you set up.

    2. ❑ Add a few posts for each Channel (available later in web).

  4. ❑ Prayer Requests

    1. ❑ Have you set up an “anonymous” user who is assigned for any prayer request marked as anonymous?

    See also

    Prayer Requests

  5. ❑ Events

    1. ❑ Configure the “Category in Mobile” in the Lookup Codes.

    2. ❑ Set up at least 3 different registrations.

    3. ❑ Make sure the registrations each have a photo, description, and category.

    See also


Make sure your giving pages are set up properly so that donors can easily give and view their history.

  1. ❑ If you are using TouchPoint’s Giving Pages, make sure you have the correct giving page set as default.

  2. ❑ If you use campus specific Giving Pages, make sure the defaults are configured properly.

  3. ❑ If you are using an outside Giving Page add the URL to that page in the app settings. Leave these settings blank if you are using the TouchPoint giving pages.

  4. ❑ If you would like a pledge link to show, configure this in the app settings.

  5. ❑ Configure your Giving Impact Cards and associated status flags in Special Content under HTML (Keyword: Mobile Giving).

  6. ❑ To allow the application to open giving pages within the app, please refer to the In App Giving Page article.


Enable directories so that the appropriate people can see each other.

  1. ❑ Either set up new Involvements for directories and/or enable the directory for existing Involvements.

  2. ❑ Ensure that the appropriate Privacy Settings and configured based on the closeness of the relationship between the people in the Involvement.

    See also

Media & Resources

Set up your sermon library, weekly livestream, and other resources for staff and lay leaders.

  1. ❑ Add your sermon library in Media & Resources and organize it using tabs and/or groups for easy filtering. We recommend having at least two tabs visible to all users at a given time.

  2. ❑ Make sure your weekly Livestream is set up with the appropriate schedule configured on the resource.

  3. ❑ Add any ministry specific resources (I.e., lay leader, volunteer, staff, or church officers) and make sure they have the appropriate restrictions applied.


Several general configurations must be in place to ensure a smooth beta experience.

  1. ❑ Profile Settings under Features > Profile

    1. ❑ Set which roles should be able to download a contact in the app settings.

    2. ❑ Configure whether you want campus and/or alt name (used primarily in multilingual churches) to be displayed when viewing a person’s profile.

    3. ❑ Determine which Involvement types should show on a person’s Involvement tab in the lookup codes.

  2. ❑ Edit, Delete and/or Add any Mobile Tips that you want your congregation to see when they first download the app. These are managed in Special Content (Keyword: Mobile Tip).

    See also

    Special Content

  3. ❑ Ensure that the Chat setting is currently disabled. This is a feature that requires additional configuration and is currently not supported.

  4. ❑ Ensure that your church has either MBT or Twilio set up for SMS and that you have one group configured as your Quick Sign-in/OTM group. If using Twilio, configure your Twilio account for Two-Way SMS.