Change Registration Person

We have had instances in which a parent registers himself for an event with fees instead of registering his child. When this happens, you can either refund the person’s money, drop him from the org, and then have him register the child. Or you can follow the instructions below:

Step 1

Create a Coupon for the specific Online Registration making it the amount the person has already paid.

Step 2

Email the Coupon Code to the registrant, asking him to register (register the correct person this time) and apply the Coupon Code on the payment page.

If the registrant will owe more than the amount of the Coupon, he will pay the difference online at the time of the registration.


The Coupon will be for the amount the person paid originally. Some registrations may have different fees based on age or options selected. So, if the person originally paid more than the actual correct registrant needs to pay, you will need to issue a refund on the original transaction for the difference.

This is done on the Transactions Log as a Credit.

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If the original registrant paid less than the actual registrant, he will pay the difference after applying the Coupon Code.

Step 3

Drop the original person from the organization. This will leave the new (correct) registrant enrolled.

The transaction will remain on the Transactions Log in the name of the person that originally registered. The new transaction will also display, but as a Coupon transaction, not actual money.