Enlist Attendees for Future Meetings

By using either Checkboxes or Drop Down Menus as questions in an Online Registration, you can have people commit to attend a specific meeting or multiple meetings. The key is to put the Date/Time on the item.


Drop Downs will allow a person to select only one item. So, use Checkboxes if you want the registrant to be able to select more than one option/meeting.

When a person selects an item with a Date/Time associated with it, here is what happens:

  • He will be enrolled in the organization (if he is not already a Member).

  • He will be added to the future Meeting with a Commitment of Attending.

  • He will be added to the Sub-Group for that Meeting.


The Sub-Groups and the Meetings get created as people begin to register and select that specific option. They will not exist until someone completes a registration and has selected that option.

This is a perfect way to schedule leadership meetings or church-wide type of meetings for which you have a limited number of spaces at each meeting or just for meetings where you want people to sign up ahead of time. Both Checkboxes and Drop Down Menus can have a Limit and allow for a Date/Time.


Take advantage of TouchPoint’s special links and email a Register Link to those you want to attend. That makes the registration so easy for them.

Create Registration

Like all Online Registrations, you must start with an Organization, set the Registration Type to Join Org, and then add the Questions, the Confirmation, Online Notify Person, etc.

See also

Using for Volunteers

If the standard Volunteer Calendar does not meet your needs because you are not scheduling volunteers for every week, but just for some specific dates and times, this is a great option for you. Take a look at this video that demonstrates this option.

For more about creating Checkboxes and grouping them using Headers, see the help article below.

Changing Someone’s Selection

If a registrant needs to make a change, you can do that very easily.

Step 1

Go to the Organization > Meetings tab and click Show Future Meetings, and then click the date for the meeting the person committed to attend.

Step 2

Make sure Allow Editing and Show Registered are both selected.

Then click on the actual commitment for that person - i.e. where you see the word attending.

Change the commitment to regrets or uncommitted, either one is fine.

Step 3

Now go to the Meeting he wants to attend by returning to the Meetings page, checking Show Future Meetings and clicking the date.

Make sure Allow Editing and Register and Show All are selected`. Find the person in the list and click uncommitted and change it to attending.

Step 4

Go to the person’s Member Dialog, select the Groups tab and remove him from the first group he selected and add him to the new group - for the meeting he will attend.


For these types of meetings, you will go to the Meeting itself (where you could mark attendance) and select Roll Sheet Report from the blue Toolbar. Only those Committed for that specific Meeting will print on the Roll Sheet.

If you check the box Allow Self-Check-In those enrolled in the org will see a Meeting available for them, even if they are not registered for that Meeting.