Extra Donation Option for Online Registrations

The Ask Donation checkbox on the Settings > Fees page under Donation Setup for an Organization that is being used for an online registration, will present a question asking the registrant if he would like to make a donation. This is an extra donation that is in addition to whatever Fee is paid during the registration itself. This donation is tax-deductible.

If you check that box, you will also need to enter a Fund ID in the box below that. This must be an existing Fund in your list of Contribution Funds, so you will want to confer with someone in your Accounting Dept. before setting this up. You can also enter the text that you want the registrant to see on that page. You might want this to be a brief explanation of the Fund or the purpose of asking for the donation.

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Please carefully read these important messages below before using this option.


Mission Trips: Never use this option when the Online Registration is for a Mission Trip, as the Mission Trip type of registration uses a different online process in order to track the person’s payment, allow for donors, and so forth. Checking this box will cause the Mission Trip Registration not to work properly.


Registration Types: Only use this checkbox with the Join Org type of registration, not User Selects or Compute Org by Birthday.


Registration Fees: Never use Ask Donation if the registration itself does not have a Fee (either a Fee on the Fee tab or a Fee connected to a question). Otherwise, the Ask Donations feature is not supported.

Here’s what the user will experience.
  • Once he completes his form and clicks Finish Registration, if more than one person is part of the transaction he will see a page with the text you entered followed by – “please indicate which person is the donor and enter an amount”.

  • If he has registered more than one person, he will see a list of everyone he registered, with a radio button beside each one. He should click the button beside the name of the person who should receive contribution credit for the donation.

  • If he registered only one person, he will not see a list and the contribution will be recorded on the record of the person who is registering.

  • Next, the registrant enters the Donation Amount and clicks the Complete Registration button.

  • This will take him to the payment processing page where he will see the total amount of the transaction - any fees for the registration plus the amount he chose to donate, if he did so.

  • He will select his payment type, enter the requested information and make the payment to complete the transaction.

Here’s what will happen behind the scenes when the transaction is completed.
  • The person will be enrolled in the organization for which he registered with the Fee for the event indicated in his Member Dialog box.

  • A bundle will get created in Contributions with the Bundle Type of Online.

  • The name of the person receiving contribution credit will be listed in the Name column in the details of the bundle.

  • The contribution will be recorded on the giving record of that person and will display on their contribution statement.

  • Users with Finance Role will be able to view  and export transactions using the Transactions Log.

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