Messages Settings Tab

Below are the optional settings on the Messages tab of an Involvement. These all relate to an Involvement that will be used for online registration.

The Settings tabs for Fee, Questions, and Messages will not display unless you have a Registration Type (other than the default) selected on the Registration tab.

Editing Messages

To edit any of these items, click Edit on the Messages tab. Then click the Edit link beside or below the individual item.

After entering the text, click Save for the text editor box, and then click Save before leaving the Messages tab.


On all the tabs related to Registration, you have the option to ? Show Help. Press this button to display a short help message beside each item on the page. If you will be editing items, be sure to show help prior to pressing Edit. It is a toggle, so to stop displaying help, press ? Hide Help.

Confirmation Email

Email From

The first person in this list will be the sender of the confirmation email. In order for someone to show up in the list of available people, they must at least have the Access role. All selected people will be notified when a registration has occurred.

If there are no users selected, the Confirmation will come from one of the System Admins, and all users with Admin role will receive an email notification if someone completes a registration. The text see documentation in the following screenshot is a link to this help article.
Staff Notification

This notice is system generated and will be emailed to everyone listed in the Email From field for that registration. You do not create or edit these emails.

Information Included: For registrations that do not use a Master Involvement, the details of the registration (i.e. the questions and answers) are always included in this notice. For registrations that do use a Master Involvement, you can include the email replacement code {details} in the Confirmation in order for those same details to be included in the staff notification.

Remember, this notice is merely to let you know that people have registered. Go to the Involvement itself to manage the registration. The details for each registrant are stored in their Member Dialog. Some basic details such as Emergency Friend and Medical Information are stored on the Involvement > Registrations tab of the registrant’s people record.

Subject and Body

This is the subject and email that is sent to the registrant as confirmation of a successful registration. Enter the Subject of the confirmation email. Then click the edit link to create the body of the email.


If you do not want a confirmation email to be sent, enter DO NOT SEND in the subject line.

There are a number of replacement codes that you can use to display information. For example: {first} to insert the person’s first name; {details} to insert the details of their registration or {org} to insert the name of the Involvement in which they registered.

Fees, Payments, and Coupons

When a person registers online and uses a Coupon for all or part of the fee, the Confirmation will indicate how much was paid using a Coupon. If you do not include {details}, no payment information will be included.


If you want your email confirmation to look like one of your existing email templates, send yourself an email using that template and copy the source. You can do that by viewing the email from your Sent Emails on your people record, click the Subject, and then select Actions > View Source. Select everything and copy it. Then, when creating the confirmation, click View Source and paste what you copied. You can then edit the body of the message.


Some registrations such as a camps, sports teams or trips require the registrant to agree to terms (indemnification). If you enter terms in this section, the registrant must click the Agree to terms checkbox in order to complete the registration. You could also include a link to a PDF file in the Confirmation email so they would have a copy of the Terms.

Enter the Terms in the Terms text editor on the Message Tab. That text along with a checkbox labeled I agree to the terms and conditions and the default message “You must agree to the terms above for you or your minor child before you can continue with confirmation.” will display on the Terms page of the registration.

You can change the text of the default ‘you must agree’ message by adding an Ad Hoc Extra Value to the Involvement. The EV must be a Multi-Line Text type and named YouMustAgreeStatement. Your message is the value.

If you do not want this message at all, create an Ad Hoc Extra Value and enter   as the Text Value. Then the only thing that will display will be the Terms themselves and the check box labeled I agree to the terms and conditions.


It is not recommended to use Terms with User Selects or Compute Involvement By Birthday registrations. If you do, the Terms must be entered on the Master Involvement. Registrants will have to agree to the terms, but the Terms Signature will not be in the Registration Reports since those reports are based on the Pick List Involvements.


There are some default instructions that appear on most types of registrations. We recommend that you try a registration before you add any further instructions, so you will see what is already there.


For the Volunteer Calendar, use the Options instructions. These will display on the page where the volunteer selects his time slots. For Managed Giving and Manage Subscriptions, use the Special instructions. These instructions will display on the page where the person is selecting the amounts / funds for donations and on the page where the person selects their newsletter subscriptions.


This message appears on the page where a person has the option to log in to register.


This message displays after you login and are selecting a family member to register. You can also get to this page if you have been send a RegisterLink2, which displays your family, as though you have logged in.


This message appears when a person is searching for their profile, when they are not logged in, or if they are logged in and are adding another registrant.


This message appears on the page displaying the drop-downs, checkboxes, etc. from the Questions tab and is a way to further explain the options and/or questions that are presented. You can also use this for Choose Volunteer Times Registration Types for messages to display on the select time slots page for the Volunteer Calendar.


This message displays at the top of the registration for the Registration Types of Managed Giving and Manage Subscriptions only. For those types of registrations, put your instructions here instead of in the Options section, as the registrants do not see the normal registration form.


This message displays when you have completed the options sections, and are on the page to either add another registrant or complete the registration. This is a good place to remind them to be sure to register all their children or register their spouse, for example. If you have selected Allow Only One, they will not see the option to add another registrant, but they will still see this page, where you can remind them to Complete Registration.


This message appears on the registration page whenever someone cannot register. This would be if the maximum has been reached, when a class is checked as filled, or if it is prior to the registration start date. You may want to provide a link to join a waiting list, or add a note giving the date the next semester will begin.


If your registration link will be public prior to your Registration Start Date, you will not want to create your Sorry Message if it will relate to the class being full or registration has ended. Create it after registration has begun, or do not post the registration link until the date it starts. However, you can also use that message to let people know the exact date they can begin registering, if you need to have the link posted on a website a few days prior to the start date. Once registration is available, that message will no longer appear. You can then change the message to let people know what to do if the class fills up.

Thank You Message

This is where you can customize the on-screen message that appears once the registrant completes their registration if you do not want to use the default message. The default message is “Thank you, your transaction is complete for [the name of the registration]. You should receive a confirmation email at k… shortly.” Their email address will be masked.


The Reminder is an email message that you can create at any time to be sent when you are ready to send it. Compose this just like you do the confirmation – with a subject and message in the body.

To send the reminder to all members of the Involvement, go to Blue Toolbar > Gear > Send Event Reminders


For Mission Trip Involvements, there are other items on the Messages tab that pertain only to Mission Trips.

Confirmation Tracking Code

This field at the bottom of the Messages Tab is only visible to users with either the Admin or EmailTemplates role, and visible only when in Edit mode. This is where you will paste the pixel code you will get from Facebook when you place an ad for an online registration. The purpose is to track how many registrations come as a result of a Facebook ad. Click here to find out how to create the pixel code.

Latest Update


Added a warning to the Terms section.