Recreation Teams

The Settings > General tab of each organization has a checkbox for Is Recreation Team in the Advanced Setup section. When this box is checked, it will allow the recreation staff to upload scores for individuals based on their experience and competency in the sport in order to have TouchPoint create teams that have a balance of experienced and non-experienced players.

Check this box on the settings if your prospective team members will all be in the same org (example: 10 Yr Old Basketball). Your org will be divided into sub-groups, which will be your teams.

The users that will manage the teams will need the user role ManageGroups.

Use the Recreation Team Feature

Step 1

Set up your online registration so that you will have a separate organization for each age or age range.

Check the box Recreation Team on the Settings > General tab in the Advance Setup section of each org.

Step 2

Create sub-groups for each team using the prefix TM: and enroll each coach in the appropriate sub-group.


The prefix is very important as it will be used to find the sub-groups for the actual teams.

Step 2

After registration has ended, go to the organization and select the blue Toolbar > Export Excel > Standard.

Add a column named Scores to the right of the column containing the PID#s, and enter the scores for each person.

Step 3

Copy the columns with the PID# and the score, grabbing the headers, too. Go to Sub-Group Management > Sub-Group Members and then click Actions > Upload Scores.

Step 4

Paste those 2 columns into the text box and click the blue Upload button.

Go to Manage Sub-Groups and verify that you have the correct number of sub-groups with TM: as the prefix. You need one for each team.

Return to Sub-Group Members and verify that each person has a score.

Step 5

While on Sub-Group Members select Actions > Create Teams.

This will put the children into teams so that each team has s similar mix of experienced and non-experienced players, based on their scores.

Now you will have the one organization divided into sub-groups that are your teams.