Attendance by Groups Report

This is a page that will display attendance for a specific meeting, by sub-group within the Involvement. Each group will be listed twice. The first time will list those whose attendance is True - they attended. The second time will be those whose attendance is False - they were absent.

View Attendance by Groups

Step 1

Go to the specific Involvement > Meetings tab, and click on the Meeting Date.

Step 2

Then select Toolbar > Cloud > Reports > Attendance By Groups.

Each group at the top of the report will list those present. Scroll down to view the groups and those who were absent.

Use Case 1

Your class has sub-groups for the purpose of having group leaders that stay in touch with those who are absent. With this report, each group leader can easily find those in his/her group who missed a meeting. This report is also helpful for the teacher to get an overview by group, to see which groups might need a little help.

Use Case 2

You have an Involvement with different types of sub-groups, and you want to look at the attendance using only one of these types. You can do that if you have a prefix before the sub-group name. Example: Sub-group by room numbers would have LOC: as the prefix, followed by the room number and leader - LOC:W222-Smith.

Filter Report by Sub-Group Prefix

If Use Case 2 fits your organization, and you want to view just those groups with a specific prefix, follow these instructions.

Step 1

Follow Steps 1 & 2 above to run the report.

Step 2

Then add the Prefix to the end of the URL configured like this:


LOC is just an example of a prefix. If your prefix is LDR, use that in the URL.



You can also email your leaders the Email Attendance Notices for their organization.

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