Security Role for a Private Organization

This setting, Limit Org to Role,which can be viewed only by the user with Admin role, is located on the Settings > General tab of each organization. The purpose for this is to allow an organization’s enrollment to be private.

Here’s how it works:

The system Admin for your church will create a special user role (or use an existing role), and then assign that role to those who should be able to access that organization and even see it on a person’s list of Involvements. The Admin will then select that role in the Limit Org to Role drop down on the Settings > General tab. Only an Admin user can access that setting. It is not visible to any other user.


Remember, an existing role can be used for this purpose if you want to limit the org to a certain set of users, such as those with Edit or Membership, or any other existing role.


The Admin cannot see the organization if they do not have that special security role. That means that once they assign the role to the org, they can no longer manage it without giving themselves that role.

They also cannot see that organization on a person’s enrollment.

Use Case

You have classes that are of a sensitive nature - perhaps a type of counseling class. You do not want all users to see who is a member of that organization. By limiting the org to just certain users, only those who need to manage that org will have access to it.

Sometimes, you might want to keep an organization private from even the people enrolled in it. Normally, you would use a Tag and share it with the appropriate users. However, it might make more sense to use an organization, realizing that even those enrolled in the organization will not see it in their list of Involvements unless they have the proper user role.

You have the freedom to decide which works best for you.