General Settings Tab

The following settings are located under the Settings > General tab for every organization.

Basic Setup


Enter a room number or other location name, but keep it short. The Location displays on several Excel exports, on the Enrollment Control Report, on roll sheets and other places. When the organization is used for the online registration type User Selects Organization, the location will display beside the organization name in the dropdown menu. If you are using this as a Master Org, you will leave the Location blank.

Pending Location

This is also a room number, but is used only during Promotion and only if you are using the Annual Promotion Process. Leave this blank when using Manage Org Members for Promotion. Leave this field blank for all other uses of this Organization, including Online Registrations.


This is included in the Organization Export accessed from Organization > Search / Manage page and can also be used as a reference. It is also used with the online Small Group Finder. If you are using the organization for normal online registration, the Description does not appear anywhere on the registration itself.

Entry Point

Select the appropriate ministry associated with this organization, in order to capture the Entry Point for anyone whose first visit to your church is as a guest to this organization or anyone who enrolls in this organization online or is added manually.


This is used to set a Grade (to display on the Personal tab of a people record) for those enrolled in a Main Fellowship type of class. You enter a number, using -1 for Pre-K, 0 for K, 1 - 12 for the other grades. This setting does not apply to online registrations. For online registrations, there is a place to set grade options on the Settings > Questions tab.


Select a gender when you are using the online registration type Compute Org by Birthday. This allows you to enroll registrants automatically in the appropriate organization based on both the person’s age and gender. If the Organizations are coed, just leave the Gender as Unknown.

Phone Number

Enter a phone number someone would use to contact a staff member about this organization. This is the phone number that will display in a system-generated email for anyone who registers online and has a different email address on his record or who does not have an email address on his record.

Mission Trip Settings

Mission Trip

Check this box if you are using the online features for mission trips.

Enable Funding Pages

Check this box if you want to make funding pages available.

Enable Public Funding Pages
This setting makes the funding pages available to anyone who has been given the link.
Show Public Funding Amounts
Check this box if you want the amounts supporters have given to be displayed on the public view of Goer Funding Pages.

Advanced Setup

Publish Directory

The options relate to an online directory that can accessed by any member of the class - both MyData users and OrgLeadersOnly users. The options are No Directory; Yes Publish Directory; and Yes Publish Family Directory.

Limit Org to Role

This is visible only to an Admin user. You can use this function to make an organization private. You would use either an existing user role or have the System Admin create a new user role and select that role from the drop down. Anyone who should be able to view the organization would need to be assigned that role.

No Credit Cards

If this organization is being used for an online registration that requires a fee, you can check this box if you do not want to allow the registrant to use a credit card for their payment. This will force them to use electronic fund transfer from their bank or use a coupon.

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Recreation Team

This setting allows you to upload scores for team members and have TouchPoint create balanced teams for you.

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