Leader Types

Leader Type

Each Organization has a setting named Leader Type located in the Organization’s header. The purpose is to associate one person as the leader of the Organization. This is so that we can display that leader’s name in various places, such as, but not limited to, roll sheets, and attendance reports. This is true for all Organizations, not just Main Fellowship orgs. On a person’s Involvement tab, the Leader of the Organization will display along with the name of the Organization.

In order for this to work properly, only one person in the Organization should have a Member Type that matches the Leader Type for the Org.

Set the Leader Type

Step 1

Click Edit in the top section of the Organization page

Step 2

Select the correct Leader Type from the drop down list, and Save Changes.

Step 3

If you have not already, change the Member Type for the one individual who is the main leader, so that it matches the Leader Type for the org. This is done by clicking on their existing Member Type to open the Member Dialog.


For an org that is a Life Group, the Leader Type might be Teacher. Only one person would have that Member Type, Others in the class might also be leaders, but they would have a different Member Type, such as Co-Teacher, Leader, or Prayer Leader.

For ball teams, the Leader Type might be Coach, and only one member of the org would have the Member Type of Coach.

Remember, the person that is enrolled and has a Member Type that is the same as the Leader Type for the org, is the person that will be associated with the org on reports and other places.

Notice that the Leader Type in the screenshot below is Teacher and that Rik Andress’ name displays under the name of the Organization. Also, notice in the other screenshot, that his Member Type is Teacher.


Lay Leader Access

Any person enrolled in an Organization that has the user role OrgLeadersOnly and Access, and who has a Member Type that is a Leader Type of role can access the Organization. That means that multiple leaders can access the same org.

Your System Admin can change which Member Types are considered Leaders. Member Types are located in the Lookup Codes.

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