Has Balance in Organization

Located on the Enrollments category tab in Search Builder this Condition will find anyone in the specified Program / Division / Organization that has a balance that is greater than zero and less than the amount of the fee for the Organization. In other words, it will find people who have registered online for an Organization, have paid a deposit, but still owe a balance.

Set the Comparison to Equal True. Then select only a Program, or a Program and Division, or all three, Program/Division/Organization.

Use Case - Monthly Fees

Our church has a music program for those taking private or group music lessons. We allow them to pay a deposit equal to the first month’s fee, then make subsequent payments monthly. Using this search, the administrator over the program can use a saved search and send an email at the end of each month, reminding those with a balance, that monthly payments are due on the 1st. For this use case, they would specify a Program and Division only, in order to include all the organizations.


For an individual organization, remember, you can run the Member Export from the organization page and it will show the org member’s fee, the amount paid, and will have a 1 in the Has Balance column if they still have a balance. You can filter by the Has Balance column to view those with balances due.

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