Moving Involvement Members

You can easily move a person from one Involvement to another one if the Involvements are in the same Division. Moving a person in this manner actually transfers their membership from one Involvement to the other. The person’s Enrollment Date in the new Involvement will be the current date. You can change the Enrollment Date if you need to do that.

If you need to move the person to an Involvement in a different Division, just drop them from one Involvement and add them to the other one or use Manage Involvement Members.


You can use this same process (outlined below) during Promotion to move someone from one Pending Involvement to another Pending Involvement in the same Division. Just go to the Pending tab and click the person’s Member Type. Do not uncheck the Pending box, if you want to leave the person as Pending in the new Involvement.

Step 1

Click on the Pencil Icon under the Actions column for the individual to open the Member Dialog.

Step 2

Click the yellow Move button.

By default, the Move Registration Data option is selected. This will move sub-groups, questions, etc. from the original Involvement to the new Involvement. If Involvements were not online registrations, you can still leave the box checked and it will retain the sub-groups, if the groups are the same on each Involvement.

Step 3

From the list displayed, select the Involvement into which you want to move the person. If this list is long, you can go to the next page. You can also type in part of the Involvement name and search for the Involvement.

Step 4

You will see a prompt asking if you are sure. Click OK.


You can also perform this action from the person’s people record. Find the Involvement on their Involvement > Current tab and follow the same steps as listed above.

Moving Multiple Members

For certain use cases, you may want to use the advanced Manage Involvement Members page. It requires the ManageOrgMembers user role. Please read the documentation carefully about the use cases and how to appropriately use that management page.


If you move members who have paid registration fees, you will need to add a transaction in the person’s member dialog in the new Involvement in order to set the initial fee, and then associate the payments with that as the Parent Tran ID. Then you can make necessary adjustments to reflect payments already made.

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