Recent Absents Report 2

Recent Absents Report 2

If your church tracks individual attendance in the worship service and you track individual attendance in other types of organizations, you can add a setting to your database that will give you a link to a second Recent Absents Report when you run the report from another organization.

The purpose of this report is to give you the ability to run the Recent Absents Report for a single organization to see those who have been absent recently, and then to see the Recent Absents Report for those same individuals, but with the report looking at their attendance in worship.


Your System Admin must add the following to Administration > Setup > Settings:

Settings Code = WorshipId

Setting Value = the org ID # for the Worship Service

The Org ID # is the number at the end of the URL when you are on the organization itself. In this sample URL - the org ID is 7.


You can have only one WorshipId in the Settings. Therefore, in order for this report to be most effective, you should have your worship attendees enrolled in one worship organization, even if you have multiple schedules.

Run the Report

Step 1

Go to any organization, such as a Main Fellowship class, and select the blue Toolbar > Cloud > Org Attendance > Recent Absents Report.

Or first filter for a sub-group(s) and then select the report to view only those in the selected group(s)

Step 2

Click the link at the top of the report, which reads View Morning Worship Services recent absents. Morning Worship Services is an example of the name of the actual worship organization. Yours may have a different name.

Report Results

Once you click the link to view the recent absents for worship, you will see only those who have been absent in the worship service that are also enrolled in the original class from Step 1 above.

If you have filtered by sub-group on the original organization, that filter will still apply when you move to the Worship Report.


Filtering by a sub-group is a great way for a group leader to monitor the absences for just his group.

Facts about Attendance and this Report

  • Absences are tracked for members of the organization, not for guests. So, only members will be included in the report.

  • The Consecutive Absents Threshold might be different for the original class and the worship org. So, one report might start with those who have 2 consecutive absences, while the other one would start with those having 4 consecutive absences.

  • If a person has never attended, he will not be included in the report.

  • If a person has not attended in more than 3 years, he will not be included in the report.

  • Recent Absents Report 2 can only be generated for an individual organization after you run the Recent Absents Reports. It cannot be run from Organizations > Search / Manage.

Another Worship Attendance Report

TouchPoint has another report called Worship Att Report that looks at both worship service attendance and main fellowship attendance. This report also requires the WorshipId setting mentioned above. It is helpful for churches that track individual attendance in worship.