Worship Att Report

This report is designed for churches that track individual attendance (not just a headcount) in their worship service, in addition to individual attendance in Main Fellowship organizations. The report displays the members and their attendance averages for both the worship organization and their Main Fellowship organization.


It reports attendance only for members of those organizations, not for guests.

Contents of the report

The report opens in Excel and contains one row per person with the following information in columns:

  • People ID #

  • Name

  • Age

  • 4, 12, 26 and 52-week Worship Attendance Average

  • 4, 12, 26 and 52-week Main Fellowship Attendance Average

  • Attendance String for Worship Attendance

Explanation of Average Attendance

The average is computed as the number of meetings the person actually attended as a member divided by the total number of meetings he could have attended as a member.

If a person has an average of 0, that means there were meetings and he did not attend any of them, even though he was a member during that time frame.

If a person has an average that is blank, that means that there were no meetings for him to have attended as a member.


Your System Admin must add the following setting in Administration > Setup > Settings:

Setting Code = WorshipId

Setting Value = the Organization ID # for the Worship Service org

Finding the Organization ID#

You will find the Organization ID at the end of the URL when you are viewing the organization itself. In this sample URL, MyChurch.tpsdb.com/Organization/Index/77, the Organization ID is 77.


You can have only one WorshipId in the Settings. Therefore, in order for this report to be most effective, you should have your worship attendees enrolled in just one worship organization, even if you have multiple services. In these cases, you can add multiple Schedules for that org.

Main Fellowship

For each individual included in the report, the system is looking to see if he is enrolled in an organization that is flagged as a Main Fellowship class in order to display the MF Attendance. Therefore, you need make sure that your Main Fellowship classes are flagged accordingly. This is a checkbox on the organization header.

Run the Report

You can run this report anywhere that you see the blue Toolbar. It is under the cloud icon > Other Exports and is named Worship Attendance. If you do not have the WorshipId setting in your database, you will not see that option listed.


This is a sample report. Notice each weekly increment has 2 columns - one for Worship (Wor) and one for the Main Fellowship Class (MF). The last column contains the attendance string for the Worship org.


You have several options for how to run this report.

  1. You can go to a Main Fellowship class and run this report for the members of that org,

  2. You can create a search and generate the report after you run the search so those listed will be those in your search results,

  3. You can go to any organization and run this report. It does not need to be a Main Fellowship class. For example, you might want to run this for a Deacon/Elder org to see the Main Fellowship and Worship attendance for your leaders.

Just remember, that the attendance will display only for those who are enrolled as members of both the Worship Org and a Main Fellowship org. It will not give the attendance for the org you are viewing if it is not a Main Fellowship class.


If you find this report helpful, you may also be interested in the Recent Absents Report 2. This report also is designed for churches that track individual attendance in their Worship Service as well as in other types of orgs.

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