iPad Attendance Using your Browser

Three ways to record attendance using an iPad

  1. Using the TouchPoint Check-In. This works well for people checking in for multiple Involvements.

  2. Using the iPhone / iPad App for leaders to take small group attendance.

  3. Using a browser and the iPad Attendance feature outlined below. This works well for taking attendance for one organization, even if there are several hundred members. This method uses a browser on your iPad (Safari or Google Chrome both work).

Use Case

You have a meeting of 350 people, all of whom are enrolled in the Organization. You can have a couple of people with iPads at the doors. As people enter, they give their name to the person with the iPad, who can easily find them in the list and record their attendance.

iPad Attendance Using a Browser

Step 1

Open a browser on your iPad (Safari or Chrome) and login to your TouchPoint database, just as you would when using the desktop application.

Step 2

Go to the organization for which you want to take attendance, and Create a Meeting on the Meetings tab if the meeting has not already been created.

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Step 3

There are 2 options on the blue Toolbar > Cloud icon > Special Pages:

  • Display all members - iPad Attendance

  • Display only those that are registered - iPad Attendance Registered Only

On the Meeting page, select the blue Toolbar > Cloud > Special Pages > iPad Attendance if you want to display the entire list of members.

If you want to display only those that are registered for that Meeting select iPad Attendance Registered Only.

The names will display beneath an alphabet bar.


The Registered Only version is perfect for the Volunteer Calendar. It will display those that are flagged as Attending, Substitute, or Find Substitute (these have not found a sub yet) and not everyone else enrolled in the org.

Step 4

To mark someone present, touch their name.


  • If you are viewing ‘all’ records, just scroll to find those not displaying on the screen.

  • If you have more than 20-30 members in the list, you may want to use the alphabet bar and touch the letter for the last name of the person you want to mark present. That will limit the view to only those with last names beginning with that letter.

  • The person’s email address and Church Member Status will display to the right of their name.

Taking Attendance for More Than One Org

If you want to use your iPad to take attendance for more than one org at a time (using either of the 2 options), you can open multiple tabs (one for each org) and the name of each org will display as the name of the tab.

Status Flag for iPad Attendance Highlight

If you would like for certain names to display using green text, you can create a Status Flag named iPadAttendanceHighlight. Then anyone with that Status Flag that is in the list of members, will display in green text.

Use Case for iPad Attendance Highlight

You want to visually distinguish those who are not a member of a Main Fellowship class from everyone else in the Involvement. Create a Status Flag that uses the Condition In Main Fellowship and the value is set to false.

You can use any attribute you want that can be found using a saved search.

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Removed reference to Status Flag naming convention.