Check-In Overview

TouchPoint Check-In is a web (browser) based method of taking real time attendance for children, small groups, VBS, etc. Labels can be printed with security codes to allow for secure child pick-up. Your church can easily provide Check-In on a PC or Tablet as long as an internet connection is available. Families can check in using a phone number or PIN. Available customizations include kiosk shell, requiring information for new guests, background images, labels, and administrative functionality. Additional features include Pre Check-In, the Check-In Dashboard, and the Classroom Dashboard.

Key Points to Consider

  • Allow time to purchase and install the devices you will use (PCs or tablets, printers, labels, etc.).
  • Thoroughly test your Check-In setup by making sure your hardware is working correctly and that your Involvements are properly set up for Check-In.
  • Plan for time to train the volunteers that will staff the Check-In stations. The software is very easy to use and intended to be self-service for regular members and returning guests who are attending a previously-attended class. However, you will need volunteers to welcome and assist new guests. Most will need to have new family / people records created, and they will need to select a class to visit. The volunteers will also be needed to assist members who need to edit their records or visit a different class.
  • Communicate with your classroom workers and the parents of the children who will be using Check-In. Let them know the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘where’ and ‘how’ of Check-In for your church. Let them know the ‘why’ as well. Give them your reasons for using Check-In so they will have a positive attitude and a good experience.

Setting Up Check-In

Each step has a separate help article to walk you through the process.

Step 1

Obtain the necessary hardware

Step 2

Configure the Administrative Settings

Step 3

Configure the Involvements

Step 4

Set up Check-In Profiles

Step 5

Choose label options and set up label printers

See also

Check-In Labels

Step 6

Test and begin using Check-In

Once you are finished with the initial set up and testing of Check-In, read the following help articles for information about additional features.

Latest Update 03/28/2022

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