Deleting a Record


You should never delete a people record unless the record is a duplicate or added by mistake or perhaps a test record. All of the attendance history, enrollments, contribution history, family relations and more would be deleted from your database if you deleted the person’s record. Also, it would change past attendance history numbers if you did so.

Furthermore, there is no way we can help you resurrect that information from a backup without a fee.

Merging / Deleting Duplicates

We have several tools to help you find and manage / merge duplicates records.

Active Records

If a person has no attendance or contributions on their record, you don’t have to delete the person in order to reduce your TouchPoint fees. That person will not be considered an Active Record for purposes of computing your annual hosting/support fees.

User Role for Delete Privileges

This is a dangerous operation since it cannot be undone. So we limit this ability to only a few people in your database. Only an Admin with the special Delete role can delete a person. Furthermore, that role can only be assigned by someone at TouchPoint.

So, if you need this role, please send a support request using the Help page. If there is already a designated person on your staff, we will likely direct you to him.

How to Delete a Record

Step 1

Go to the person’s record

Step 2

Select the Blue Toolbar > gear > Delete this record

You will see a prompt asking Are you sure? and a warning saying There is no undo button!

Step 3

If you answer OK, wait until you see Deleted Person appear on the screen, letting you know the deed is done.

At that point all contributions, memberships, previous memberships, attendance history, enrollment history, transaction history and any other history associated with that person will have been removed.