Do Not Publish Phones

This setting is on the Personal tab of a person’s record. When the box is checked, none of that individual’s phone numbers (Home, Cell, or Work) will be published in any of the five Directories offered in BVCMS.

The phone numbers will display on all other reports and exports.

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This is an individual setting, so it should be checked on all family members if it applies to all of them.

To Set the Flag

Step 1

Go to the individual’s record Personal tab and click Privacy Settings.

Step 2

Check the box beside Publish Phones under the “Do Not” section, and Save.

Use Case

A minister may be included in the group for whom you are creating the Directory, but does not want his cell phone number published to everyone in the group. Check the box on his record. He will still be included in the directory, but only his street address and email address will display for his contact information. None of his phone numbers will display.

His phone numbers will still display on his record and will be included in every other export or report.


Search Builder has a Condition (on the Contact Info tab) to allow you to find everyone with the Do Not Publish Phones flag set on their individual record.

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