Dropping Church Members

This is the process for normal membership drops when a member joins another church. When you drop a church member, they become a Previous Member. You never want to delete a person’s record when they leave the church, as there is history tied to that record. Only the user with Membership role can drop a church members.

Deceased Members

When a member dies do not use this method to drop his church membership. See the article listed below.

Drop a Church Member

Step 1

Go to the individual’s Profile > Member tab, and click Edit.

Step 2

Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the appropriate Drop Type.

See Drop Type definitions below.


Do not use this method to drop a deceased person. See note above regarding dropping a deceased person.

Step 3

Select the Date. This is typically the date you received the request or notification from the person’s new church.

Step 4

Enter the name of the New Church if you have that information.

Step 5

Click Save

Changes that occur automatically

This only applies if you are using the automated membership process.

  • Member Status changes to Previous

  • Envelope Option changes to Not Specified

  • All current enrollments are dropped

See also

Church Membership Process for information on the business rules regarding the automated processes

Drop types

Administrative Drop Type

Used when one is unable to locate an individual that has a member status of Member.

Another Denomination Drop Type

When an individual joins a denomination that is different than your church’s

Deceased Drop Type

Do not select this. This is automatically selected when a current member dies and is given a Deceased Date. See above for more about dropping a deceased member.

Lettered Out Drop Type

Joined another church of the same denomination.


This is the default setting for Non-Members and current Members - anyone that has not been dropped from membership.


Used only if none of the other categories will fit.

Requested Drop

Member asked to be removed.