Membership Documents

Each people record in TouchPoint has a section where you can upload documents related to a person’s church membership. This is located on the person’s record on the Profile > Member tab, either on the right-hand side or the bottom depending on browser width.

Use Case

At our church, a person completes a Decision Information Sheet when they make a decision to join our church (or to be baptized without joining). Other churches have a Membership Covenant that a person signs when they request to become a member. Whatever document your church uses can be saved as a PDF and uploaded to the member’s record for future reference.

User Roles

You must have Access and Membership roles or be the system Admin in order to both upload and access these documents. We also recommend that the membership user be given the role Edit in order to update information on the person’s Personal tab in addition to updating information on the Profile > Member tab.

If you have a user that should be able to view the membership document(s), but not edit anything related to membership or upload, edit or delete the actual document(s), you can assign that user the role MemberDocs. This is in addition to Access and whatever other roles this person has. This role is helpful for ministers that need to be able to view these documents, but do not need to change any membership information.


Before you can upload the document, you must save it as a PDF on your computer or other location. We recommend including the People ID # in the name of the file to accurately identify the document.

You can use Search Builder to find everyone who has a Membership Document on his record. Use the Condition on the Miscellaneous tab named Has Membership Documents.

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Upload Membership Documents

Step 1

Go to the person’s Profile > Member tab and click Choose File in the Membership Documents section.

Step 2

Locate the PDF file on your computer, click to highlight it and then click Open (or double-click to select it).

Step 3

Now click the Submit button.

Step 4

View the document by clicking the Adobe PDF icon.


  1. Can I rename a document after I have uploaded it?

    Yes. Just click the pencil icon, enter the new name, and click the blue check-mark to save it.

  2. Can I upload more than one document per person?

    Yes. Just follow the same steps as above and be sure to give each file a different name.

  3. How can I remove a document that is no longer needed or that gets uploaded to the wrong person’s page?

    Just click the trash can icon beside the name of the document.

  4. I have existing documents that do not have file names. Can I add a name to the document even though the file has already been uploaded?

    Yes. Use the same procedure as renaming.

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