People ID Numbers

Searching for people is so easy and fast that most of the time you will not need to use a People ID Number (PID#). However, for certain functions a PID# is useful. In one or two places, it is necessary.

People ID#

A PID# is a unique number that is generated at the time a people record is created. Everyone has a PID# and no two PID#’s are the same.

While it isn’t displayed prominently on a person’s record, it is always lurking around:

  • When you are on a person’s record, regardless of which tab you are viewing, the PID# is at the end of the URL - up at the top of the screen: http://church/

  • Anywhere you see a person’s name displayed, you can hover over the name and the PID# will appear at the bottom left of your screen (basically displaying the URL for their record). Of course, you cannot hover on a mobile device.

  • When using the Search / Add process, click the i in the blue circle for more information which includes the PID#, as well as more information about the individual.

  • Also, when using the Search / Add process, you can click the right arrow at the top of the dialog box to open more information about all records in the list.

If you know a person’s PID#, you can use that in place of their name anywhere you can search for a person.

When would I ever need to know the PID#?
  • If you are entering contributions, the PID# is the fastest way to find the person. We encourage churches to use the PID# in place of a separate envelope number and have the PID# printed on the envelopes that are in the mailed envelope sets.

  • If you are performing administrative functions such as moving/deleting records, having a PID# helps to ensure that you are viewing the correct record.

  • If you are the Admin and are setting up the New People Manager in the Settings. This uses the PID#; not the user ID#.

I won’t even get into discussing family ID#s, but just know that every family has one…and no, you probably will never need it! However, some exports do include the family ID#.

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