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Background Checks and Trainings with MinistrySafe


MinistrySafe is an industry leader in child sexual abuse prevention and awareness, providing comprehensive Background Checks, Credit Checks, and Trainings. As an element of Volunteer Management, TouchPoint integrates with MinistrySafe to make it easy for you to train and screen ministry volunteers and employees. The integration allows you to request these directly from a person’s record in the database. For additional information about MinistrySafe Training and Background Checks, click here.


The billing for the background checks is between your church and MinistrySafe. There are no added fees from TouchPoint associated with this feature. You pay MinistrySafe directly.

Setting Up Your MinistrySafe Account

Once you have established an account with MinistrySafe, your system admin will need to log in to your account and go to the Developer Center.


Generate API key

Click the blue button that says Generate API Key.

Add Webhook

If you are using BOTH background checks and training classes, you will need two webhooks. Click the blue Add Webhook button.

Background Check Webhook
Name: TouchPoint MS Webhook
URL: https://mychurch.tpsdb.com/ExternalServices/MSResults (replace MyChurch with the portion of your TouchPoint URL that comes before .tpsdb.com)
Webhook for: Background Checks
Training Classes Webhook
Name: TouchPoint TC Webhook
URL: https://mychurch.tpsdb.com/ExternalServices/TCResults (replace MyChurch with the portion of your TouchPoint URL that comes before .tpsdb.com)
Webhook for: Quizzes

Once all of those are set up, your system admin will click the gear icon and select Organization Settings. There are several optional settings that can be set here. Not all of the settings are required.


Background Check Email

This is the email a person receives when someone has requested a background check using Email for Consent.

Contact Info - To set the Contact Name and Contact Email from who this message should be sent, go to Organization Settings > Background Checks Module Configuration and edit the Contact Name and Contact Email.


The email comes from the church’s name, but the actual email address is automation@instascreen.net.

Content - Background Check email text is not editable. Admins are not able to edit the style of the emails.

Training Classes Email

This is the email a person receives when someone has requested a training class.

Contact Info - To set the contact name, go to Organization Settings > Sender SSA and select a User from that list. To be on that list, they must have already been added as a MinistrySafe user by an admin. When a training request is made, the email they receive will come from this person.

Content - To edit content on any of the Training email templates, go to Trainings > Training Settings


TouchPoint Settings

Go to Administration > Setup > Settings > Integrations > MinistrySafe and configure the following Required settings.

Enable MS Background Checks

Set this to True to enable background checks with MinistrySafe.

MinistrySafe APIKey

Enter the API Key created by your System Admin in your MinistrySafe account.



Your System Admin can also set up the following Optional settings.

Enable MS Background Labels

If you want to use labels (for example, to track which department requests a background check), set this to True.

Enable Training

Set this to True to use MinistrySafe training classes.

Required User Roles

Assign the following roles to the user(s) who will use this feature. Your System Admin can add these roles if they are not already in your database.


This is needed to manage the background check process.


This is needed to request a background check but not view the Report Link. User should have either the BackgroundCheck or the BackgroundCheckRun role, but not both.


This is needed to mangage the training classes process.

Now your database is ready to begin using MinistrySafe for background checks and training classes.


We have a SQL Recipe for a special Background Check Report. Your System Admin can add this to your database if you would like a report that you can run from the Blue Toolbar. The report will indicate if a person has a background check and has columns for each field, such as the Last Date Checked, Approval Status, and more.


Sample Background Check Report

MinistrySafe Labels

If you want to use labels to indicate which department is requesting a background check, you have the option to use them. The purpose of labels is to distinguish background checks and/or credit checks for different purposes.

Enable the setting

Set the MS Background Labels setting to True if you want to use internal labels when submitting background checks or trainings.

Add the labels

Go to Administration > Setup > Lookup Codes > Miscellaneous > Background Check Labels and add the labels you have in MinistrySafe.

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