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Request a Background or Credit Check

To use our integration with Protect My Ministry, please read the companion article for step-by-step instructions for getting your database ready to use this feature.


If you had an existing account with PMM, you will still need to request the username/password from Protect My Ministry for your account. The one you used on their site will not work in the API.

Background Check

Step 1
Go to the Ministry > Volunteer tab on the people record of the person needing the background check, and click the Manage button.
Step 2
Select the Background Check tab, and then click the green + Create New button.
Step 3

Select the Type of background check you want to request:

  • National Combo (Basic) - for criminal background, national sex offender’s registry, address check
  • National Combo (Plus County)
  • National Combo (Plus State)
  • MVR (motor vehicle)

If you are using Labels, select the correct label as well.

Then click Submit.

This creates a record on the Background Checks tab.

Step 4

Click the Submit button on the far right of the row for that item to open a Submit Check dialog box.

Enter the following information:
- The volunteer/employee’s Social Security Number along with the License Number and State Code if you are requesting a Motor Vehicle check.
- If you selected one of the Plus requests, you will be asked for the County or the State.
- The Username and Password for Protect My Ministry account. If the PMM Username and Password are stored in your Settings, you will see the username and password field already populated (password will be masked). Do not overwrite these.
- Click Submit again.

SS and License Numbers

The SS # and License # are used only to submit the form to PMM. They are not stored on a person’s record in TouchPoint. However, if you have requested a background check previously for this person that information will be retrieved and will populate those fields at the time you submit the form.

Once you have submitted a request, you will see the status: Waiting or Completed. Completed checks will have a link to view the report.


Once the report has been completed by Protect My Ministry, the TouchPoint user that originated the request will receive an email letting them know that the report has been completed.

The email will come from the TouchPoint Admin Email in the Settings for the church’s database.

After receiving the email, they should go to the person’s record Ministry > Volunteer tab, click the Manage button and then click the Click Here for the Report link to view the actual report.


If one user creates the request, and another user actually submits the request, the person who started the process is the one who receives the email.

Credit Check

A Credit Check is requested the same way as a Background Check (see the steps above).

Only those users with CreditCheck role will see the section relating to Credit Checks, even if they have BackgroundCheck role.

Latest Update 10/20/2020

Modify image link with secure protocol.