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Background Checks with Protect My Ministry

Protect My Ministry

This is a third-party vendor that processes background and credit checks. As part of Volunteer Management, TouchPoint integrates with Protect My Ministry to make it easy for you to request these for your volunteers or employees. Our integration allows you to request these directly from a person’s record in the database.

In order to use this feature, your church will first need to establish an account with Protect My Ministry. Once you have an account, you will have a username and password for the church.

Secure Search Faith

This is a third-party vendor associated with Protect My Ministry. TouchPoint provides the same integration with them as we do with Protect My Ministry. If you have an account with Secure Search Faith, you set up the integration using the same steps used to set up Protect My Ministry (see below), with the addition of an extra administration setting, EnableSecureSearchFaith, given a value of true.

Administrative Settings


The billing for the background checks is between your church and Protect My Ministry or Secure Search Faith. There are no added fees from TouchPoint associated with this feature. You pay Protect My Ministry or Secure Search Faith directly.

Required Settings

Your System Admin must set up the following settings.

the password provided by Protect My Ministry
the userID (account #) provided by Protect My Ministry


If you currently have an account with Protect My Ministry, the username/password that you currently use on their site will not work with this. Please contact them to ask for the credentials you need to work with their API.

Required User Roles

Assign the following roles to the user(s) who will use this feature. Your System Admin can add these roles if they are not already in your database.

This is needed to manage the Volunteer Application Review page.
This is needed to request standard background and DMV checks.

This is needed only if you need to request credit checks.


If you never run credit checks, you will not need the CreditCheck role.

This allows view only access to the Volunteer Application Review page.

Now your database is ready to begin using Protect My Ministry for background checks.


We have a SQL Recipe for a special Background Check Report. Your System Admin can put into your database if you would like a report that you can run from the blue Toolbar that will indicate if a person has a background check and has columns for each field, such as the Last Date Checked, Approval Status, and more.


Sample Background Check Report

Labels in Protect My Ministry

If you have an existing account with Protect My Ministry and are currently using Labels on their site, you have the option to use them in TouchPoint as well. This requires adding special settings as well as adding the labels in the Lookups.

The purpose of labels is to distinguish background checks for different purposes. PMM displays these labels on their billing. Examples: Pre-Employment; Re-Check; Volunteer.


Add the follow setting (case-sensitive) and add the value as true:



Add the labels you have in PMM to the Lookups > Misc > BackgroundCheckLabels.

See also

Lookup Codes


Make sure the labels in PMM and the labels you add to TouchPoint are the same.

Latest Update 01/03/2020
Changed URL for Protect My Ministry site.