Process Builder Workflow

Please review the above articles on how to set up the Process Builder.

The Process Builder begins with setting up the Processes, deciding who will be in the Process and how they will get added (by Search Builder or Manually).

Monitor and Manage the Process

You will monitor the Progress of each person in the Process by going to People > Processes and clicking on the name of the Process

You will then see the list of people currently in the Process, with a Progress line showing which steps have already been completed. In this example, TouchPoint Support has one checkmark for the initial step of being added to the Progress.

If you also checked the box on the previous screen to show on a Person Record, you will see the same information there under the Profile > Processes tab:


Visibility of seeing Processes on the Process dashboard or a person record will be dependent on having the Access role, unless the Process is Limited by Role. Only an Admin or someone with the ManageProcesses role can manage the Process Builder.

You will be able to see the Last Activity on a person’s progress as well as see how many Days are left before a Step is overdue. If the Step is overdue, the Days integer will turn Red.

You can click on the Down Arrow under Last Activity to see more details about each step:

Under the Three Dots in the right hand column for each person in the Process, you can make the following options:

  • Complete Step - Whichever Step the person is on, by choosing this option, they will be marked as Completed and move to the next Step. You will be given the opportunity to add a Date and Note for the Completed Step.

  • Skip Step - By choosing this option, the person will move to the next Step and WON’T be required to ever complete the Skipped Step. You will be given the opportunity to add a Note to indicate the reason for the Skipped Step. The Skipped Step will have a visible indicator of a Red Circle around the Step Number.

  • Mark Abandoned - If the person will no longer need to be in the Process, mark as Abandoned. You will have the opportunity to add a Note.

  • Remove - CAUTION: If you Remove someone from the Process, all data related to their Process will be Deleted.

Completion of Process

Once someone has Completed their Process, both the Process dashboard and their Person Record will indicate the Completion along with a Date.

The default view for the dashboard is to see All the people in the Process. You can Toggle to filter for Current, Abandoned, or Completed status. You can also use the Search bar to search for a person by name.

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