Using Process Builder

Steps to Create a Process

Step 1

You must have either the Admin or the ManageProcesses role to create a Process. To create Processes with the Process Builder, navigate to People > Processes. Click the Green +Process button to add each new Process.

Step 2

Name your new Process. There is no limit to how many Processes can be created, but names cannot be duplicated.
Step 3

Additional Settings: If you are the creator of the Process, you are automatically assigned as the Owner. However you can change this to someone else using the dropdown finder. The Owner simply indicates who created the process but does not grant special permissions beyond that.

If visibility of the Process is to be limited, indicate the Limit to Role by clicking Select Role.

If you want the status of the Process to be visible on the People Record, check the box for Show on Person.
Step 4

Add Steps to the Process

  • Click on the Name of the Process to open the dialog page for the Process. You will see two tabs.The People tab is where you will designate who will be included in the Process. The Steps tab is where you manage the steps in the Process.
  • On the Steps tab, there will be a default Step called Added to Process. This first step dictates how people are initially added to the Process. Click on Manual` under the When to Complete column to reveal a dropdown. The two options presented are Search Met and Manual. If you select Manual, you will manually add people to the Process on the People tab. If you select Search Met, you will then choose which Search Builder search is used to add people to the Process. The Searches will be in alphabetical order and will only list Public searches. The Searches will be polled once a day in the morning to run this Step.


    Suggested Searches would be when Attendance is taken for a certain event, the Joining of an Involvement, the Adding of a Note with a certain Keyword, etc.

    Next click on Set Actions under the Actions to Take column to add one or more Actions to the Step. In the pop-up box, click the Green +Add Action button.

    As you select each Action, you will add additional details. Each Action has a different set of options. Available actions to choose from include Add Note, Add Role, Add Task, Add To Involvement, Remove From Involvement, Remove Role, Send Email, Send SMS and Update Record

    See also

    /Process Builder/ProcessBuilderActions

Step 5

Add Additional Steps: Once you’ve selected your When to Complete and Actions to Take for your Initial Step, click the +Step Green Button to add additional steps. Type in the name of your new step.

Settings For Each Step:

  • Set the Ideal Time (in days) of how long you expect this step to take.

  • Click on Manual and choose the When to Complete. You will have additional options, which are:

    Attendance Taken - Choose the Program, Division and Involvement for this option. The Action will be performed as soon as Attendance is Taken.

    Involvement Join - Choose the Program, Division and Involvement for this option. The Action will be performed as soon as someone Joins the chosen Involvement.

    Manual - Will require manual action.

    Note Added - Choose the Note Keyword from the Dropdown. When a Note is added to the person with this Keyword, the Action will be performed.

    Search Met - Searches are run once daily in the morning. Only Public searches will appear in the dropdown for use. Once search is run, the Action will be performed.

    Task Completed - Choose the Task Keyword from the Dropdown. When a Task is assigned about the person using this Keyword, the Action will be performed.

  • Click the Set Actions under Actions to Take column. click Add Action and add the additional details.

Publish Your Process

Once you have entered all the Steps for your Process, if the Steps need to be completed in the listed order, click the box at the top for Complete Steps in Order. Otherwise, the person will be considered finished with the Process when they’ve completed all the Steps, no matter the order.

To Publish your Process, click the blue box at the top called Publish. You will then receive the following warning pop-up. Make sure you read this carefully, as changes to the Process once published can have adverse effects.


If you decide to delete a Process or a Step in a Process, any information tied to people records regarding that will also be deleted.

Once you’ve published your Process, will be able to add people manually People tab to the Process by clicking the green +Add Person button. If you’re using a search to populate the list, each morning the searches will be run to add people to the Process.

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