Decision Date

This Condition located on the Membership category tab in Search Builder is looking at the Decision Date on an individual’s Member Profile tab. This is the date that the person’s decision was recorded. The Decision Type as well as the date of the Decision should have been selected. This is used for both Decisions for Membership as well as Decisions Not for Membership.

If you are using the Automated Membership Process in TouchPoint, there are other types and statuses that will be automatically updated. If you are not using the automated process, you will have to update all of these manually.


You can also find decision information on the Decision Summary Report. It has links for every category that take you to a search that is built on the fly.

Use Case

For an annual report, you need to find everyone who made a Decision during the most recent calendar year. Select GreaterEqual and the date 1/1/2015 and add to the group. Then select LessEqual and the date 12/31/2015 and add to the group. When you run the search, the results will be everyone with a Decision Date from Jan-Dec 2015. You might want to add another Condition as well, such as Decision Type.

To find those without a Decision Date, select Equal and leave the date blank.