Decision Type

This Condition located on the Membership category tab in Search Builder is looking at the Decision Type on a person’s Member Profile tab. If you are using the Membership Process in TouchPoint, there are a number of Membership statuses and types that will get set automatically once you record the Decision Type (and date). Otherwise, you will have to record each one manually.

This Condition does not have a date associated with it. So, you can combine this Condition with the Decision Date Condition to find those with a specific type of Decision on a specific date or during a range of dates.

Or you can use the Condition Recent Decision Type to specify a type and a number of days to look back.


You can also find decision information on the Decision Summary Report, where each category is a link to a search that is built on the fly.

Decision Types will be different in your database if your Admin has changed them. The standard Decision Types are as follows:

  • Unknown

  • POF for Membership

  • POF NOT for Membership

  • Letter in from another church

  • Statement

  • Statement requiring Baptism

  • Canceled

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