Family Has Children Aged Range

This Condition located on the Family category tab in SearchBuilder will return all family members for families with a child who is within the age range you specify. Enter the age range (ex. 12-17) and select the Values of either True or False.

If a person has a Position of Child and does not have a date of birth, and your range includes 0 (ex. 0-3), that person will be considered a child in this search. The system will treat the null age as a zero age.

Use Case

A use case for this would be finding all parents that have children who are eligible to go to youth camp. You could use the following Conditions:

  • Family Has Children Aged Range 12-17 = True

  • Church Member Status = Member

  • Position in Family = Primary Adult

The reason you would want to look for Primary Adults, is that there will be children who fit the other Conditions.

You might want to find adults who do NOT have children that age. In that case, use False as the Value for Family Has Children Aged Range.

TouchPoint has other Conditions that look at the family makeup in regard to children.