Has Current Tag

This Condition located on teh Miscellaneous category tab in Search Builder is a quick way to use your Active Tag in Search Builder.

Adding this Condition will use everyone in the Tag that is your Active Tag at the time you run the search. You would not want to save a search containing this Condition because your Active Tag will change and this will use whatever Tag is active at the time.

Use Case

You have a Tag and would like to quickly find out how many of the people in the Tag have also registered for an upcoming event. Use this Condition and add Is Enrolled In and select the Program/Division/Org for the event.

You should use the Condition`Tagged With` (Has My Tag) if you want to save a search using a Tag. This allows you to select a specific Tag.


We do not advise that you make any search public if it uses one of the Conditions relating to Tags. If your Tag is not shared with the person running the search, they will not get the desired results.

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