In Main Fellowship Class

If you select this Condition located on the Enrollment category tab in Search Builder with the Comparison as Equal and the Value as True, the results will be everyone who is currently enrolled in a class that is flagged as a Main Fellowship class. For our church, this would be our Life Group classes. At your church, it would be any organization that has the Main Fellowship flag selected. In order to understand how best to use this, see the article below that explains the concept of a Main Fellowship class and how to set that flag on the appropriate organizations.

Use Case - Church Members not in Main Fellowship

You may be interested in how many of your church members of a certain age are not enrolled in a Main Fellowship class. To this Condition set as false, add the Condition Church Member Status and select the Comparison Not Equal and the Value as Member. Then you could add another Condition for age and select the range you want. When using Age, you will need to add that Condition twice in order to set a range - greater than 30; and less then 50, for example.

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