Main Fellowship Organizations

Main Fellowship

A Main Fellowship type of org should be the organization that will function as the group in which its members will receive their main shepherding or fellowship. In many churches, the Main Fellowship organizations will be Sunday School classes. For other churches, it will be Community Groups or Small Groups that meet in homes throughout the week.

Main Fellowship organizations are normally all the same type of organization – such as Sunday School; Small Groups; etc. A person’s Main Fellowship Leader will display wherever you see a list of people: People > Find, Tags, Search Builder. The Main Fellowship Leader will also display in some Excel exports as well. We display that name because that is the person responsible for shepherding that individual.

A person should normally be enrolled in only one Main Fellowship organization.

Grade and Main Fellowship

The grade is used during promotion to assign a grade to a student who joins the class. This keeps you from having to maintain grades once a year. The Grade must be an integer number, not a range. Do not use something like 7-10. So, the use of a grade on an org is only effective for classes with just one grade.

The grade on a person’s people record is displayed based on the grade in the Settings for their Main Fellowship organization. When a person is enrolled in a class, the grade for that Main Fellowship org is put on the person’s people record. The same is true when a child is promoted to another class. Their Grade will change based on the new org. Grade functions this way only for Main Fellowship orgs.

Set Main Fellowship Flag for an Organization

Decide which organizations are to be the Main Fellowship orgs for your church before setting the flag on any organizations.

Step 1
Go to the specific organization and click the Edit button in the organization Details section.
Step 2
Check the box beside Main Fellowship and click the blue Save Changes button.


Your System Admin can set this flag (and make other changes) for a group of organizations using a batch process. Filter for the orgs, select the Excel Export > Export Organizations and make the changes in the spreadsheet and save it. The Admin can then import the spreadsheet to make the changes.

Use Case for Multiple Main Fellowship Enrollments

Any adult who is teaching in one class (such as a children’s class), but wants to stay associated with an adult class should be enrolled in both of those Main Fellowship classes. Make sure that that their Member Types are set correctly. They should be a Teacher (or some other type of Leader) in the Children’s class and have a Member Type of In-Service in the other class.

Search Builder and Main Fellowship

TouchPoint has a Condition in Search Builder to help you find those in a Main Fellowship Class (or not – depending on your Search). The Condition is named In Main Fellowship.

Attendance and Main Fellowship

TouchPoint has an Excel export that provides attendance information about a person’s Main Fellowship Class. The export is found on the blue Toolbar > Cloud > Other Exports > Attendance Main Fellowship, and can be generated for any Tag, organization, or search results.

Multiple Main Fellowship Enrollments

The TouchPoint system was designed with the idea that people will be enrolled in only one Main Fellowship class. Reports like the Attendance (Main Fellowship) export, mentioned in the preceding section, may give unexpected results if the person is enrolled in more than one Main Fellowship organization. The attendance will be for only one of the Main Fellowship classes - in most cases the latest they have enrolled in.

To find people who are enrolled in more than one Main Fellowship class, you can use the report Has Multiple Main Fellowships. For information about this report and how to include it on your database, see Has Multiple Main Fellowships.

Latest Update 07/06/2020

Added section on Multiple Main Fellowship Enrollments