Volunteer Processed Months Ago

This Condition, in the Volunteer category tab, will find people based on the number of months since their background check was completed. Enter the number of months and a Comparison, such as GreaterThan to find those who will need another background check.

Most churches require their volunteers to have a background check every 24 months. So, using Greater Than 23 would find those needing a new background check.

This date is stored on a person’s record under the tab Involvement > Volunteer.

Use Case and Report

Use this search and set it to Less Than or Equal to 1 month to find those for whom you recently ran a background check. You can then run the Background Check SQL report from the blue Toolbar under the </> icon to get the details. If you do not have this report on the toolbar, your System Admin can add it to your database.

Those without a Background Processed Date

There may be times you want to find a group of people and see which of them do not have a Background Processed Date on their record. To do that, select this Condition and use Greater Than 1000. There is some smoke an mirrors involved here, but it works!

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