Ticketing Event Manager

The Ticketing Event Manager can be accessed from the gear icon of the Blue Toolbar in the ticketing Involvement, through Administration > Venues or from the Event Manager link on the event/meeting page. The Event Manager provides the status of sold tickets, a link to edit the venue, and ability to set social distancing rules.


We recommend not making any changes to seating once sales have begun. Removing seats may cause errors.

Social Distancing Rule Sets

  • Ruleset Name
  • Rule-Based or Fixed - The system will reserve seats based on the rules you compile. Rule-Based means that seats are available/unavailable based on what’s purchased. Fixed is where you decide which seats are not available.
  • Disable Seats to the Sides - This is where you indicate how many seats are not available based on the seats you select.
  • Maximum Group Size - This allows you to indicate “no more than x number may be purchased together.”
  • Disable Seats in Front and Behind - If you book a seat, that seat in front of the purchased seat and behind the purchased seat will not be available for others to book.
  • Disable Extra Seats in Front and Behind (Diagonally) - Different venues have different social distancing needs based on the row configuration. You may or may not need to disable the seats that are diagonal from the one that’s being booked.
  • Disable Aisle Seats - If your venue has narrow aisles, you may want to disable the aisle seats from being booked. We may disable a single seat at each aisle or more than one seat along the aisles.
  • Max Occupancy
  • Manually Disabled or Enabled Seats


Provides real-time information including booked and free seats, social distancing rule-set, and capacity.

For Sale

Provides details on available seats and allows for up to 10 total saves a day for an unlimited amount of tickets per save. Can be used to reserve seats for pastors, special guests, or remove seats for a video camera setup.

Seat Statuses

For internal box office use only. Can be used to release seats that were disabled for social distancing rules or mark certain seats as unavailable to hold for staff. After you release a seat, you can immediately go to Assisted Booking, search for an individual, and sell the seats to that person with the seats automatically selected.

Assisted Booking

For staff use to purchase a ticket on behalf of a person presenting on the phone or at the box office. Steps to use assisted booking:

  • Search for name or create a new person
  • Select the Event Date & Time
  • Select Seats
  • Answer registration question if applicable
  • Enter any discount and payment information

Definitions (coming soon)

  • Booked
  • Held
  • Paid
  • Assisted Booking

Latest Update 4/5/2022

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