Ticket Sales Report

The Ticket Sales Report is found under Involvements > Reports > Tickets Sales. This Report will provide real-time information about the ticket sales for all events. Search options include Involvements, Meeting, Section, Status, and From/To dates. The report data can be viewed on screen or exported to Excel by clicking the Export button. Fields included:

  • OrderID - System-generated Order ID.

  • Purchased - Date and Time of the completed purchase

  • PeopleID - Of the Registrant/Purchaser

  • FirstName - Of the Registrant

  • LastName - Of the Registrant

  • Count - Total Number of Seats

  • Total - Total Price of Order

  • Involvement - Event/Involvement name

  • Date - Event Date and Time

  • Section

  • Row

  • Seat

  • Category - As indicated on the Venue

  • Price - Price PER TICKET

  • Status - Abandoned, Booked, Held, Paid, Released or Transferred.

Sample Report


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Added more status options