Family Export

Family Export

We designed this export to be used as a type of data source for a church directory in which you would need the names of any Primary Adult and any Child in the included families. Because it is an Excel spreadsheet, it can be used as the data source for a mail merge. Therefore, it can also be used for mailings in which you want to include the names of the adults and children.


Only those with the Position of Primary Adult or Child (IDs 10 & 20) are included in this export. So, Secondary Adults (or any other Position that you may have added to your database) are not included in this export even if that person is included in the tag, organization, or search results. This export contains Primary Adults and Children only.

See Other Option below.

Run the Export

Step 1

Go to any of the following locations in the database where you will have access to the blue Toolbar:

  • Tag

  • Organization

  • Search Builder results

  • Individual people record

This is not available on Organization > Search, of course, because that presents a list of organizations not people.

Step 2

Select the blue Toolbar > Cloud > Export Excel > Family.

This will open in Excel.

Contents of Spreadsheet

The export will contain a column for each of the following:

  • Family ID #

  • Last name - of the Head of Household (HOH)

  • Label name - first names of both primary adults - ex. John & Mary

  • Children - first names of all children in the family who are under the age of 25. If the child’s last name is different from that of the HOH, both the first and last names will be listed.

  • Family address

  • Home phone #

  • Email address of HOH

  • Email address of spouse

  • Cell # for HOH

  • Cell # for spouse

  • Mailing address - if the family has a Family Extra Value named MailingAddress

  • Couple name - if the family has a Family Extra Value named CoupleName


Sample Family Export

Other Option - Family Word Merge Directory

You may be interested in this other option in TouchPoint. It is the Standard Export with the output format option named Family Members selected. This export does include Secondary Adults and any other Positions in your database, with one row per family member.

The column named Family Name is the name of the HOH. If you sort by Family Name first and then by Family ID, the family embers will sort together even when there is a blended family in which the members have different last names.

The data in the Family Position column will have the Position Code ID as the first 2 digits, with the remainder there to sort by age, oldest to youngest. This export allows you to create a Family Directory using a Word Merge.


TouchPoint also has several built-in directories you might want to look at before deciding to create the one suggested above using a Word Merge.

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