Giving Change Fund

This SQL script allows you to specify a Fund ID# and will look at two time periods:

  • The first period will be starting at 365 * 2 or 730 days ago through 365 days ago.

  • The second period will be starting 365 days ago through today.

The report is basically the same as the Giving Change report with the exception of your specifying just one fund. This will show those that have stopped giving, decreased their giving, increased their giving, and those that have just started giving.

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Copy the code below and paste it into a Special Content file in your database. We suggest you name the file GivingChangeFund.

After you run the report for the first time you can click Add to Menu and the report will display on the blue Toolbar under the code icon on Search Builder, an Organization, or a Tag. When running from Search Builder you can add any other Conditions to narrow the focus.


In the script below, the fund ID is 1. Replace that with whatever fund in your database that you want to use in the report.

See How to create a SQL Script.

Sample Report
DECLARE @fundid INT = 1     -- put your fundid here

SELECT FundName ,
      gc.PeopleId ,
      TotalPeriod1 ,
      TotalPeriod2 ,
      PctChange ,
FROM dbo.GivingChangeFund(365, @fundid) gc
JOIN dbo.People p ON p.PeopleId = gc.PeopleId
JOIN dbo.TagPerson tp ON tp.PeopleId = p.PeopleId
WHERE tp.Id = @qtagid
ORDER BY gc.PctChange

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