Registration Settings Tab

The following are settings found on the Registration > Registration tab for any Involvement. These all apply to an Involvement that is to be used for Online Registration.


See Class Filled below. It applies not only to Online Registrations, but also Self-Checkin.

Basic Setup

Registration Type

Select the Registration Type from the drop-down menu. The main types for regular online registrations are

  • Join Involvement

  • User Selects Involvement

  • Compute Involvement by Birthday

The default is No Online Registration. Until you select a type other than the default, the tabs for Fees, Questions, and Messages are not available.

Registration Title

If you would like something other than the name of the Involvement to display on the registration form, enter that title in this field.

Example: Involvement Title = Cambodia Mission Trip; Registration Title = Cambodia 2014

Registration Start, Registration End

Select from each calendar box the date and time you want online registration to be available. People will be able to register only between those dates/times. This is Central Time. If you are using a Master Involvement, you would typically enter these dates on that Involvement. However, you can put these dates on the Pick List Involvements, if one or more of them needs different dates. The registrant will see a message that Registration is not available if they are trying to register during a time outside these dates. This date is also used in conjunction with Allow Save Progress - see below.


If the start date will be a future date, do not set it until after you finish testing your registration. Otherwise, you will see a message that registration is not available.

Max Limit

This will cause the class to go into a Class Filled state when the number of members reaches this number.


Do not use Maximum Limit on Involvements in a Pick List if you have a Compute Involvement by Birthdate registration type. You can use the Maximum Limit with a User Selects reg type if you want a Master Involvement. Or you can just have individual registration links with Join Involvement registration type when you have a limit on the number of registrants.

Registration Closed

Check this box once online registration has ended. If your registration link is posted on a public website, anyone clicking the link to register will see a message that registration has ended.

Allow Save Progress

When this is checked, it allows a registrant who has logged in or who has come to the registration via a RegisterLink, to leave the registration without completing it and return with the information they have already entered saved for them. When they click the Save Progress, Finish Later button, which will display under the Submit button, an email will be sent to them with a link they can use to continue their registration. After clicking the link, they will be presented with the option to continue their existing registration or start a new one.

Even without clicking the Save Progress button, when someone logs in to register, the system will look for any incomplete registrations that have been started in the past 30 days, or after the Registration Start Date. At that point, it will give them this option to continue with the original registration or start over.

Allow only one

When this is checked, the registrant will not see the option Add Other Registrations. This box must always be checked for the following: - Online Giving - Manage Recurring Giving - Online Pledge - Mission Trip


Allow only one is set automatically when the registration is flagged as Mission Trip on the Settings > General tab. It is also automatically applied when using the Tickets question in a registration.

Join Type

Involvement Pick List

This will display only if the Registration Type is User Selects, Compute Involvement by Birthday or Manage Subscriptions. Click the Choose Involvements link on the Master Involvement to associate those Involvement that should be in the pick-list.

Once selected, each Involvement in the list is also a link to that Involvement.


If you are viewing one of the Involvements in the pick-list and not the Master Involvement, the Master Involvement will display in this section. It will be a link to the actual Master Involvement.

Master Involvement Link

This link to the Master Involvement will display if the Involvement is part of a pick-list for a Master Involvement (see above).

Other Involvement ID to Join

This will add the registrant as a Member of another Involvement in addition to the one for which they are registering. To set this, enter the Involvement ID # of the 2nd Involvement.

Add As Prospect

When checked, the registrant is added as a Prospect of the Involvement, instead of a Member.

This is useful when you post a link for online registration for a Life Group or other small group.

Allow ReRegister

This allows a person to register again and change selections they picked the first time.

  • If the person logs in and is already a member, he will go directly to his registration.

  • If he does not log in, he will receive an email with a Manage Registrations link. There is an on-screen message letting him know about the email that was sent.

If the registration uses checkboxes, those will display when re-registering and will display the previous answers. Remember, you will lose the history of previous answers. as re-registering will actually change their previous answers. Exception: if you change the answers in the registration, previous answers will still display in the Member Dialog, unless you delete the sub-groups that were created.


This is not appropriate for registrations that have fees.

The best use case is for a prayer room signup, in which the person is selecting a time slot to pray. You can include a RegisterLink in the confirmation or they can go to where the registration is posted online and register again.

Age Groups

Age Groups

This will put a registrant in a small group within the Involvement based on the person’s age. The registrant does not see this (i.e. it it not an option they select during the registration).

Click + Add Item and enter the Range of ages such as 1-10, then enter the name you want for the SmallGroup. If you want to add a fee based on the age group, enter that. Leave blank if there is not a different fee based on age.

Continue as above until you have all the ranges you need.

Advanced Setup

Adding Members Manually

Neither the Class Filled box being checked, the Max Limit being reached, nor the Validate Involvements information will restrict you from adding someone as a Member manually - that is, by using the Add People button on the Members tab of the Involvement.

Validate Involvement

When you enter an Involvement ID # (or multiple IDs separated by commas), a constraint is imposed on the online registration requiring the registrant be a member of one of these Involvements in order to register.

Enter the Involvement ID #s, separated by a comma. You can exclude members of Involvements by adding a minus sign in front of the Involvement ID.

You can have combinations—that is, one Involvement that is required and one that is excluded. Just be sure to separate them with a comma.

Class Filled

Check this box if you can no longer take new online registrations. If the Registration Type is User Selects, this selection will be grayed out in the list. If you have a Max Limit set and you reach that maximum this flag will get set automatically. When this box is checked, the Sorry message (see Messages Settings) will display for anyone who goes to the Registration page to register


If this box is checked for an Involvement that is set to Allow Self Checkin, that Involvement will not display when you need to find a class for guests to check into, even if you press the magic button.

Exception: Any guest who visited recently enough to still have their name printed on the rollsheet (within the Rollsheet Visitor Weeks) will be able to check in, just like members can.

Member Only

When checked, this restricts registration to only those with a church Member Status of Member.

HTML Shell

To use an HTML Shell other than the default (ShellDefaultBs), select the name of the shell (created and stored in Special Content). In order for a shell to show up in the drop down list, the HTML file must have a keyword of “Shell”.

Special Script

Enter the name of the HTML/Script file for this registration. This only works with the Special Script type of registration (stored in Special Content).

Finish Registration Button

Enter the text you want for the button used to Finish, Continue or Complete the registration. Please keep it short. Long Buttons do not look very good. The default text is Finish Registration.


If you want to change the text of the Register Someone Else button, you can add the Admin Setting named RegisterSomeoneElseText and enter as the value the text you want to display on that button. This will change the text of that button for all online registrations.

OnEnroll Script Name

This is for a very limited use case and requires a special Python script be added to your database. Enter the name of a script in Special Content > Python Scripts that will be run when someone registers. Some churches use this to allow members to affiliate with a Campus.

Some technical details: The OnEnroll script runs after a registration completes. The Data object passed to the script is essentially the registration questions and the Involvement member record. The data can vary by the type of Involvement and the questions included in the registration, but if you called print(Data) the results would look something like this:

  "PeopleId": 3197944,
  "InvolvementId": 2189186,
  "OnlineNotifyId": 2111543,
  "OnlineNotifyEmail": "",
  "OnlineNotifyName": "Monique Barnes",
  "LoggedIn": true,
  "FirstName": "Daniel",
  "LastName": "Baez",
  "ExtraQuestion": {},
  "DropdownOption": {},
  "Checkbox": {}
Time Out

Enter the number of milliseconds (e.g.600000 = 600 second = 10 minutes). This overrides the default on just this Involvement. The default is either the RegTimeout database setting, if it exists, or the system wide default of 180000 (3 minutes).

Disallow Anonymous

This will require the person registering to log in in order to register. Therefore, it does not allow anonymous registrations. If they do not already have a user account, or if they have forgotten their username or password, they can click Request Password.

If you prefer to present the log in page first, and still allow the person to register without logging, you can construct a Special URL - ?login=true.

Relaxed Requirements

By default, all new people records created during online registrations will ask that the person supply the following information during the course of the registration:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • DOB

  • Email Address

  • Street Address

  • City, State, Zip

  • Phone Number (either Cell or Home)

  • Gender

  • Marital Status


Regarding the address - even without relaxing any requirements, all the address fields will be presented, but only the address line one and the zip is actually required. If the address is found in the USPS database, the city and state will be added to the address. If not found, only what the person entered will be retained on the person’s record. However, in order to process a payment, the complete address will be required on the payment page. Additionally, if the parent is logged in when registering a child that does not already have a record and the child’s address matches the parent’s, the child will be added to that family. Otherwise, the child will be placed in their own family.

The following items, when checked, will actually relax requirements for any new records that are created during the course of a registration. Optional will display beside any fields that are checked as not required.


We do not recommend using these since they can defeat the safeguards we have in place to prevent duplicates.


You can add the setting named RelaxedReqAdminOnly and set the value to true and only an Admin user will see these relaxed settings and be able to edit them.

Not Req Birth Year

Requires just the month and day, but not the year

Not Req DOB

Does not require a date of birth at all

Not Req Addr

Does not require a street address

Not Req Zip

Does not require a zip code

Not Req Phone

Does not require any phone number

Not Req Gender

Does not require gender

Not Req Marital

Does not require marital status

ShowDOB On Find

When un-checked, the prompt for date of birth will not appear in the section to enter information to find the registrant’s record.

Show Phone On Find

When un-checked, the prompt for phone will not appear in the section to enter information to find the registrant’s record.


These relaxed requirements apply to the page when creating a new record. The ‘Find’ record page will always ask for First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, and Email Address in order to find an existing record.

Campus Requirement

With ShowCampusOnRegistration setting added and the value set to true, all new records that are added during an online registration will be presented with a drop down to select a Campus. The registrant will be required to make a selection, unless you check the option on the Registration > Registration tab of the Involvement labeled NotReqCampus. This option only displays if you have ShowCampusOnRegistration in the Settings.

If you have CampusRequired equal true in the Admin Settings, you can check the box NotReqCampus on the Involvement Registration > Registration tab. Then Campus will display when a registrant is creating a new record, but Optional will display and not require the person to select a Campus.

If the registrant does not select a Campus, the DefaultCampus will be assigned to him. If there is no DefaultCampus in the Settings, that person will not be assigned a Campus. The Campus on the Involvement will not get assigned to new records if you are using the CampusRequired setting.


If you do not use the above-mentioned settings, any new record that is created during an online registration will be given the Campus that is selected on the Involvement itself. If the Involvement does not have a Campus selected, the person will be assigned the Default Campus, if your Settings have one listed.

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