FAQs Regarding Contributions

Contribution Statements

Can I print an individual contribution statement without having to run all the statements?

Yes. Go to the person’s record, click Giving > Statements. Click the year for which you want the Statement. This will generate as a PDF file. A donor with a user account can do this themselves.

See Options for Generating Statements.

Can I have the Check Numbers and/or Notes print on the Contribution Statements?

Yes. There are some special settings for this.

See Statement Settings Options.

Posting Contributions / Bundles

What if the Bundle Total is incorrect in the Bundle Header and my Bundle won’t balance? Can it be fixed?

Yes. You cannot close the Bundle if the totals do not match. So determine where the mistake is and make the correction. If the Total Header is wrong, just Edit Bundle Header. If the mistake is with the individual contributions, edit the specific contribution and update the Bundle.

If you have made Reversals (for corrections) or Returns (for returned checks) after a Bundle is closed, those totals will no longer match. The Bundle will then have a Header Amount that is more than the Total Items Amount, because you removed a transaction/contribution. That is the way is should be. You will never need to re-open that Bundle.

How do I record a contribution when the person gives one check with different amounts going to different funds?

This is what we call a split contribution. There are a couple of ways to handle that depending on whether you are entering the contribution manually or using a scanned check file. The help article for the link below contains a video as well as the steps to split a contribution into multiple funds.

How do I account for the loose cash that we get in the offering when we don’t know who gave it?

Create a new record in the database with a name something like Loose Change or Offering Plate. Then you assign all the unidentifiable contributions to that record.

See Loose Change / Offering Plate

Is there a way to record and track Pledges?

Yes. TouchPoint tracks Pledges and how much has been given toward them, and also has a way to pledge online.

See also

Can I use the old Envelope Numbers from our previous church management system when posting contributions?

Yes, you can do this by using a simple code when entering the contribution.

Corrections & Returns

How can I make a correction if a contribution gets recorded to the wrong person?

If the bundle is still open, just go to the bundle, click PostBundle/Edit, edit the specific contribution and select the correct donor to replace the incorrect one.

If the bundle is closed, you should make a Reversal.

Is there a way to record that a check was returned for insufficient funds?

Yes. We have a very simple Return feature. This applies to online giving that fails due to insufficient funds as well.

See also

Returned Checks

What if a bundle is closed and it has an incorrect Contribution Date? Can I change the date for all the contributions in that bundle at the same time?

Yes, you can, but only if all the contributions in that bundle have the same Contribution Date. A user with both Admin and Finance roles or a user with AdminFinance role will need to open the Bundle. Then the Contribution Date in the Bundle Header can be changed. Refresh the page in order to see the change on the individual contributions. The bundle should then be closed.


If only one or two contributions have the correct deposit date, and you need to change all the other contributions, you can follow these steps: 1) change the date on the correct contributions so that they match all the others, 2) then you can change the Contribution Date on the bundle header and it will change all the contribution dates.

How can I change the contribution date for an individual contribution that has been posted?
Make sure the bundle is Open. Then go to Post Bundle/Edit, select Actions > Edit beside the contribution you need to edit. Then select Gear > Edit Contribution Date, select the correct date and click OK. Click Update when finished.

Reports / Summary Totals

How do I find the summary totals to post into the general ledger?

Run the Totals by Fund Report to get those numbers.

What if I don’t get any data when I generate the Totals by Fund report?

That usually means that you need to close the Bundles for that data range.

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